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Video Tutorials: February 2010 Archives

Check out this Apple Motion tutorial on how to create an audio driven animation.  This is a fantastic way to add audio interaction to particles, emitters, or waveforms based on beat detection within your audio file.

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Check out this Apple Motion tutorial on how to create a human torch.

In Motion, creating the base layer for a basic "Human Torch" effect from a subject shot on green screen is fairly straightforward – plus, it illustrates several core concepts of compositing.  There are a lot of steps in this tutorial, but each one calls on several principles that are useful on their own.

We go over the first parts of this tutorial in the video tutorial above -- if you're interested in using this approach to the effect, I suggest taking a look at the rest of this article for more ideas and suggestions.
Here's a great Final Cut Pro video tutorial on how to hand-track a blur filter to cover up a person's face or object.

The particular effect is designed for a quick work-around for those who need to track a person's face, or perhaps a license plate of a car.  It's down and dirty, but yet does the job.  For automatic motion tracking, you can certainly use Apple Motion.  However, I think you'd find it's probably easier to create the effect manually within Final Cut Pro.

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Here's a great Final Cut Pro tutorial on using the Boris Title Crawl feature to create a giant crawling title that has a see through effect.

If you want to quickly create crawling text in your video, rather than using LiveType, you can use the Title Crawl function right within Final Cut Pro.  The Title Crawl feature generates a single line of text that moves horizontally across the screen, kind of like a ticker tape display.  You can adjust the spacing of the text and the location of the text as it crawls across the screen.

We find the Title Crawl feature within the Text Generators menu under Boris.  Drag the Boris Title Crawl generator into the Timeline and set your duration.  Double click the generator on the Timeline to load it into the Viewer.  You can then click on the Controls Tab in the Viewer window to see the different parameters you can use to control your text.

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Here's a video tutorial on how to create a motion effect in Final Cut Pro that bounces back and forth at a particular point in time.

In case you've taken notice. Avid's new Spectra Matte keyer allows for incredibly accurate keys with minimal adjustment.  You can even create the 'Pleasantville Effect' using the SpectraMatte keyer.



Going from Final Cut Pro to DVD Studio Pro using Compressor is the workflow that gets the best results with Final Cut Studio. Once your project is complete in Final Cut Pro, export a Quicktime reference movie. By reference I refer to unchecking the Make movie self contained box, and exporting the Movie. I like creating a reference movie anyway, because it gives me a copy of my project that is easy to access, but doesn't take up much space on my hard drive.

Here's an awesome video tutorial that will show you how to create flying text in Motion.

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You can also check out this tutorial on Creating Live Font Master Templates in Motion.
There are many different ways to trim a clip in Final Cut Pro. Certainly one of the most popular is to leave the playhead in one position and drag to trim the clip to the playhead. When we do this we see the image changing in the Canvas as well as the new timecode value. Another popular way to trim is to simply enter a new duration value, and we can accomplish this by right clicking on a clip in the Timeline, and choosing to adjust the duration value .
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