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Video Production and Hardware: August 2011 Archives

disk_speed_test.pngRecently, we've had lots of students making free support calls to ask about external storage.  Just how much faster is my RAID-5 array than this spiffy 10,000 RPM standalone drive?  Is my network slowing down my office's shared video storage?  What about using solid-state disks for video editing?  

Lots of software companies provide small utilities to help you measure your storage solution's speed, but many of them use tests simulating behaviors that aren't necessarily close to what video post-production looks like.  So the most reliable test utilities for video work will come from, well, the video hardware manufacturers.  

Blackmagic makes an especially slick tool, and it's available from the App Store for free.  Simply click the start button and Disk Speed Test will read- and write- test your disk using large streams of data, and then show you the results in MB/sec plus a spiffy compatibility table.  The table tells you at a glance whether the volume you tested would be suitable for editing with a specific flavor of video, from PAL to 4K–and even calculates the framerate you could pull at each resolution.

Tables and screenshots after the jump...

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