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Video Production and Hardware: April 2010 Archives

citidisk_flashmem.gifThe CitiDISK FlashMem is a highly effective professional video asset.  It connects to FireWire-enabled camcorders to instantly record or capture footage digitally, eliminating the time-consuming process of digitizing DV/HDV/HD tapes into non-linear editing systems.  It is the world's smallest, lightest solid-state digital video recorder.  At only 6 oz, CitiDISK FlashMem won't weigh you down when trekking up Mount Everest in sub-zero temperatures or traveling the African savannah in high-vibration shoots.  On the go, on demand.  Optimized for extreme, hostile, or rugged conditions, it has no moving parts, and performs well in high altitudes. 

Capture footage digitally and to tape simultaneously into QuickTime or AVI files.  Features multiple DV/HDV/HD formats and audio sampling rate detection. CitiDISK FlashMem appears as an external FireWire hard drive on PC/Mac desktops.  Video clips are immediately editable/playable by most NLE software packages.  And there is a Quick Erase button, so you can conveniently with one-touch instantly erase or clean the file folder and free up hard disk space.  Brought to you by Shining Technology, you can check out the details on the CitiDISK FlashMem at their website, and on all of their other tapeless video recording products.  So instead of countless hours digitizing tape, CitiDISK lets you recapture your most precious resource--time. 
photoflex2_greenscreen.gifHere at GeniusDV we're constantly getting asked, "can you recommend a good portable green screen?"  Yes we can.  At this week's NAB show, I came across the perfect portable green screen.  The Flexdrop2.  It's wrinkle-free and is a fast and easy-to-use reversible portable backdrop that you can take anywhere.  One side is chroma blue and the other side is chroma green to aid the two variations of Chroma Key technique.  It measures 5 x 7 feet, collapses down to 1/3 its size and comes in a neat carrying case.  The finely woven fabric prevents bleed-through from the other side, and the matte fabric prevents colored light from reflecting back on your subject, which means better control of your background drop-in image.  The double-riveted frame is strong and sturdy, yet flexible enough for folding. 

The Flexdrop2 is great for DV and perfect for digital compositing.  Made by the popular Photoflex photogear company, you can check out their website for more details and other green screen backdrops made by them.  They offer a 3-year warranty on this particular product, and the best feature yet?  Retails for about $160 from many of their authorized dealers.  You can't beat that!

Check out this article for green screen keying in Final Cut Pro & Motion, or if you're an Avid user, keying with the Spectramatte.  And remember, we have training classes for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid Media Composer, and After Effects, so check out our schedule and give us a call.


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