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Video Production and Hardware: January 2010 Archives

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Sony has just introduced the next generation of tapeless cameras to their lineup with the Sony NXCAM series of camcorders. The Sony NX5U is truly a bridge from consumer cameras to pro-cams in a very affordable package. Sony left nothing to spare on this latest camera, it shoots  AVCHD in all popular formats including, 1920X1080 30p and 720 60p for slow motion. The great thing is it captures media on Memory sticks and a couple of 16 GB MS Pro Duo cards, which will hold nearly three hours of the NX5U’s highest-quality AVCHD. You can also purchase the optional 128gb solid state drive for about $800.00 and you can record 11 hours of footage! It includes two XLR balanced inputs for superior audio capture and for use wireless mics and shotgun mics. I am happy to say it includes a 20x optical lens and amazing it will record in 120fps in slow ex mode! The built in GPS unit will help you geotag all of your shots and return to the exact location for seasonal shooting. I believe this new Sony camcorder is worth a long hard look for the pro-user as well as the amateur looking for best picture quality for the money!

Genius DV offers a classes for the Sony EX-1/EX-3 and a production class to help you shoot like a pro!   


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dropbox_icon.gifWhat is Dropbox you're asking; Dropbox is basically an online storage solution for any of your digital files.  Dropbox is a lot like iDisk, where you can store files and be allowed access to them from almost anywhere.  It's mainly designed for people who are constantly emailing themselves files or carrying around tiny flash drives.  But unlike some other storage solutions out there, Dropbox gives you 2GB for free and uploads so much faster.  Here's a perfect example as to how Dropbox, or iDisk, or other online storage solutions can help us in the video editing world:  we have 2 editors working on a project; however, one lives in Florida, the other in California.  The 2 editors can easily share files, sending back and forth their changes through the Dropbox or iDisk and still be able to work on a project hundreds of miles away.  The faster transfer rate with Dropbox allows them to do this with ease.  More about the features of Dropbox after the jump...

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