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Video Production and Hardware: June 2009 Archives

Genius Gear ShopWe've been teaching digital video workflows for a long time, and we've gotten good at finding the right hardware to make those workflows run smoothly.  Finally, we're proud to share our gear finds outside of our classroom: introducing the Genius Gear Shop.

We're starting out small.  Today, we're launching with just a couple of the products that our students have liked best.  For each product, we're working on an honest, hands-on video review to explain why we think it's worth a look -- and we'll give you a discounted price if you'd like to buy it directly from us.  

Speaking of videos, we're also selling video walkthroughs and completed project files of several of our tutorials.  You're more than welcome to tweak the project files for your own projects.

Read on for an introduction to some of our new products ... or head on over to the store and browse around!
Did you know that with Quicktime's latest version you can record directly into Quicktime?  It's a great little tool if you need to record something quickly, and not have to run it through Final Cut Pro or other editing application and make a Quicktime file.  It's also a great tool to use for voiceovers.  You can attach your video camera to your computer or use the iSight right on your Mac. 

Go to the Quicktime Menu to File > New Movie Recording

quicktime1.gifA Movie Recording window opens up for you to preview your video.  Start recording by clicking the red button at the bottom of the Movie Recording window.  You can stop recording by clicking the button again.  Once you have stopped recording, your video shows up in a Quicktime window and it is saved to your desktop.

If you want to just record audio, for example, for a voiceover, go to the Quicktime Menu to
File > New Audio Recording
Again, click the red button to start and stop recording your audio. You can use the Internal microphone on your computer, or an external USB microphone

Remember, you have to be using the latest version of Quicktime in order to use this feature.

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