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Video Production and Hardware: June 2008 Archives


Google has release 'Vidnic' which allows Mac OS X user's to easily upload movies directly to YouTube.  Vidnic works with OS X, and allows users to record video using the 'iSight' camera and upload them directly to the internet.  You can also add metadata, such as a title, tag, and a description.

Viewership for internet related video is up 64%.   This is partly because of the popularity of sites like YouTube that make video readily and easily available.


By Bob Hunt

It is so easy to create a really cool black and white video project, film or fun project for you tube or friends and family. I always tell creative videographers to think outside the box, no matter who, what or where you are shooting, look before you even pick up your video camera. Create the scene you want with lights, shadows and most of all the white-balance on your video camera.

bw-video_image.pngLet's take for instance shooting a day scene in some shade and sunlight, the look is black and white, grainy with a film look. First set up your scene, either in the shade or in the sun and then start to white-balance your video camera, but think outside the box. If shooting in the shade, try white-balance on something gray in the sun, and vice-versa. Also use different colors to white-balance your video camera. I tend to spend a lot of time white-balancing my video camera just to see the effects I can get. Here's a little something a bit trickier, but well worth the time and effort. Try using your gain to create the grainy look, iris down to not blow out the video, plus set the shutter up to 30-50%, now if your not experienced enough with this type of set up, I suggest you experiment, but if you can create it, you can either set camera up to sepia, or do black and white in post.

This will not only create some awesome video, but it will get your creative juices flowing to start using all the functions of your video camera and really start creating some awesome video production projects. Good Luck and keep shooting!



Do you white-balance your video camera? Do you use automatic or Manual? Either way it should be the first thing you do when getting ready for your video production project. Most consumer video cameras have an auto-white balance feature which will automatically set up the video camera to the lighting where you are performing the video production.

Sony Camera.jpg
You should also have either outdoor, indoor and night settings or manual while balance on your video camera as well. I strongly suggest using manual and setting the white balance to the area on which you are shooting. For most, something white in 50% of the camera will suffice, some say 80%, many zoom in and focus on the white and then perform the white balance. White balancing your video camera will give you true color, but depending on your shoot, you may want to consider tricking the camera with a white balance for some very cool effects. Make sure you try these tips before using them on a paid-shoot. You can get some crazy stuff going on and if your video camera is not set up properly, like the viewfinder color, you could spend hours in post trying to fix it, or re-shooting.

When setting up an indoor shoot with lighting, try turning off the set up lights and turning on the fluorescent lights and white balancing on white, then turn off the fluorescent lights, turn your set up lights on and see what kind of picture you get in your video camera. Now try it again, but white balance on other things besides white, like orange, or blue, or red, or anything else, you should see a dramatic effect in the camera, helping you create a different mood for the video production. Once you get some nice colors, consider turning off some of your set up lights, for instance, a somber mood with low lighting and a bit of orange creates cool video, all lights on and true white balance gives you the hard edge look.

Don't think you have to white balance on white, try using a lot of different colors and angles with lighting to create video you can wow your clients with.

For more tips and tricks regarding video production techniques like these, take a look at GeniusDV's two day video production course.  Coming soon, white balance for a black and white video production.

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