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Video Production and Hardware: March 2008 Archives

Final Cut Pro, Avid Adobe all run on Macs, and there is a often overlooked function of the Mac OS that can be very useful. By holding down the Control key while you use the scroll wheel of the mouse, you will zoom in on whatever is on screen. By simply scrolling back the other way while holding down the control key, you will zoom out. This is very helpful when attempting to view an online video a little larger than it has been displayed on a particular webpage. Often going to the only other option of full screen, will cause too much distortion. It is also very helpful for reading small print. Within an editing application the Control/Scroll function can be easier for quick zoom in and outs that Command + or -. I  use this function all the time.


In your Mac System Preferences under Mouse & Keyboard is where you find the controls for this function. The Control key is the default for this function, but you can change it if you prefer. By clicking the Options button it will allow you to choose how the screen image moves when zoomed in. I recommend the "Only when pointer reaches an edge" option. This option will cause the screen not to move around every time you move the mouse. It will only move when it needs to.

GeniusDV has been awarded Google's Search Enterprise Superstar Award.  This award has been given to GeniusDV for creative uses of Google's search engine appliance. Google Superstar Award Winners receive a physical award made out of Legos, along with other Google goodies.

How does this award help our customers?

Our mission will be to help video production and service companies position themselves at the top of Google's search engine rankings for specific keywords within the video production industry. 

Here's the good news!  Other than your physical knowledge and hard work, there is little or no cost in achieving high quality rankings within Google's search engine.  Don't be scammed by companies charging hefty amounts of money to promote your site to #1. 

To give you an idea of what drives GeniusDV:  On an average weekday we receive over 2700 unique visitors.  That's roughly 72,000 unique visitors a month.  Those visitors type in over 43,000 different keywords to find the GeniusDV website. 




Bottom line, we'd like to offer a service to share how we did this with our customers.  Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and services to learn our search engine secrets.

If you are using the a Mighty Mouse on your Mac then make sure you unleash the power of the 4th button, at least make it perform how you want it to. I was trying to find a fast way to expose my desktop without closing down or minimizing all my open windows. The fastest way to do this is to utilize the power of your mouse. All you need to do is go to your settings and select mouse and keyboard. Select the mouse tab and choose Expose-keyboard for your side mouse buttons. Both buttons must be depressed together (basically squeezing the mouse) to actuate this command This will push all of your windows out of the way and expose your desktop! This may seem very simple but it is very powerful and saves a lot of time! For more information on configuring the Mighty Mouse
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