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Video Production and Hardware: February 2008 Archives

If you are in the market for a new monitor for your editing then you need to take a long hard look at the new 30 inch monitors! It may seem to much at first but most editors use two 19 or even 20 inch monitors so going to a 30 inch has many advantages. The first major difference is when you play something in full screen. If you are running two monitors you have two choices, you can play full screen on one monitor or on both but the frames from the two screens will cut right into the center. Both situations you have to make a sacrifice. Not so if you had a 30 inch screen. Also the native resolutions of the 30 inch monitors is huge, 2560X1600 to be exact. If you do the math the allows to place almost three 19 inch monitors inside one single viewing space! The main thing you will need is a graphics card that will support this resolution. If you do not you will be stuck at 1280X800 and defeating the purpose for your new real estate. Tune in next time for a comparison of the top 30 inch monitors! 

I purchased a POV.1 this last fall and I have had extensive time to test this great camera. I have used several "lipstick" style cameras and this is above and beyond anything else on the market. Not only is it waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof but is shoots in full 720x480 at 30fps. So there is zero compromise in quality of the capture. The POV.1 captures everything on the ever so popular SD card, so you can add as much memeory as you need. It comes standard with a 1gb card. The POV.1 is built to capture hands-free video from your Point-of-View. From DVD-quality recording, to cut-and-splice editing, to online distribution, the process is simple and seamless. The durable camera head can be attached almost anywhere to capture the action.

Here is a great product from TubeTape.com that manufacturers a portable green screen. A green screen is a necessary element of video production for changing out a background.  Another huge plus is the portability.  You can set up your portable green screen outside which will provide excellent lighting conditions for a good chroma key.portable_green_screen.jpg










Most professional non-linear editing systems such as Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro support chroma keying.


M audio.gif
I just received my pair of M-Audios AV 40 desktop speakers and I must say I am without a doubt blow away! I have always edited with either head phones or mediocre desktop speakers and I now see what I was missing. There is nothing better than listening to your productions and final edits on a great set of production speakers! You may think that you might be missing something by not having a sub-woofer, but you are not. Custom cabinets with dense wood construction deliver more accurate bass response than you could ever get from plastic multimedia speakers. And for the highest possible fidelity, the Studiophile AV 40 speakers also feature OptImage III wave-guide technology and a 20 watt-per-channel internal amplifier that utilizes Class A/B architecture.These speakers produce amazing lows and reproduce sound like it should be heard! At a street price of about $149.99 the sound quality is hard to beat at any price! Check out these great speakers at M-Audio and get yourself a pair today! No wonder Avid purchased this company!
Here is a list of of the specs:
4"  polypropylene-coated woofers
1"  diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome tweeters
OptImage III tweeter wave guides for superior imaging
20-watt-per-channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture
magnetic shielding
1/4 "  TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs
1/8" headphone output
1/8"  stereo auxiliary input
front-panel volume control
rear-panel on/off control
bass boost control
MDF cabinet with bass reflex port design

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