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Student Profiles: November 2009 Archives

profile_marquis.gifThis week's student profile features a past Avid Media Composer student, who was recently excited to tell us about one of his latest success stories.  Meet Marquis Wilson.  Marquis is from Alvarado, Texas, and completed his training with GeniusDV back in 2008.  Marquis has a passion for video production in terms of helping individuals and companies market their products and services.  He wanted to share one of the greatest tools he learned from taking certified training at GeniusDV.

As a producer of live stage and sporting events, the need for more than one shooting angle is imperative.  Much time is consumed to digitize and file scenes, and then trying to surf through various clips for the right cuts.  Marquis says, "I am excited to say however, that using precious mega hours looking at camera angles on multiple video tracks is a thing of the past.  John Lynn at GeniusDV, introduced me to the MultiCamera Mode feature in AVID Media Composer.  I couldn't believe how easy it was.  I recently filmed and edited a ballet stage play using four cameras, (quad split).  No doubt in my mind, I was 75% quicker on the timeline simply because I could choose the best position from the source window where all of the shots from every angle were represented simultaneously."

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matt_stevens_profile.gifMatt Stevens completed our 9 day Final Cut Studio Bundle this past summer as part of his career enhancement as an Audio/Visual Editor for Southcentral Foundation in Alaska.  When asked, Matt really liked his training here at GeniusDV, and feels like he learned a lot.  He thought the instructors were great and very helpful.

Matt's focus at Southcentral Foundation is making promotional videos to bring awareness to the people about their program, which is operating and managing health care and related services for 50,000 Alaska Native and American Indian people.

I asked Matt, "before you took the class, what were your biggest challenges when editing video?"  His reply was simply, "I pretty much went in blind, so everything I learned was helpful and informative.  I had no experience editing before and I am now fully capable in all editing processes."

You too can be one of the many students who come to GeniusDV for video editing training.  It doesn't matter if you have no experience at all, or if you have years of experience; GeniusDV can help even professional editors learn shortcuts, and new ways to integrate efficient workflows.  So give us a call today and check out our upcoming class schedule
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