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Student Profiles: August 2009 Archives

GeniusDV has been in the video editing training business for over 6 years now, and has helped literally thousands of students.  We'd like to introduce some of those students to you through a new weekly series of blogs called Student Profiles.  It's interesting to see what these students have learned and how they're applying their training to real-world experience.  The first of this series portrays one of our more recent students, Roxy Hambleton.

roxyhambleton.gifRoxy Hambleton recently completed our 5 day Final Cut Studio class with the intentions of starting a new business.  Roxy is from Fort Myers, Florida, where she is currently employed as a certified professional organizer.  In her new business, she is working as a Video Biographer.  Just one week after her GeniusDV course, she's already shooting, capturing, editing, and titling her own footage for her first professional project!

When asked, Roxy had this to say about her training experience with GeniusDV.

       "I very much liked the training I had at GeniusDV.  It was informative and applicable to what I was working on and the level I was at (beginner), but it could also apply to an advanced Final Cut professional.  The class was fast paced and covered or at least touched on the spectrum of everything Final Cut Pro has to offer.  The instructor (Jeff) was great.  His sense of humor kept the class interesting throughout.  The amount of his knowledge was staggering.  He truly knows what he is teaching and is using it in the 'real world,' not just teaching it.  He was patient and understanding in all aspects of the class and was always attentive that the entire class 'got' what he was covering for the day. 

"I believe I will continue to receive value for what I paid in this class as different aspects of the class become apparent as I continue to edit.  Also the continued support offered by GeniusDV is invaluable to help out those of us new in the Final Cut Pro world.  This course was well worth the price paid.  The student-teacher ratio of five-to-one (in my class) afforded me the flexibility to ask more in-depth questions.  I was also lucky enough to have an instructor-in-training during our class which was also wonderful.  I feel it was a great thing to come to this class as I begin my business because I have learned the 'right way' of doing things.  I won't have bad habits to break at a later date."


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