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meredith.pngMeredith Muse completed our 5 day Final Cut Pro class this past summer as part of her career enhancement as a TV Production Instructor at Liberty High School in Kissimmee, Florida.  Meredith graduated from FSU School of Communications with a BA in Media Production, and worked for 3 years as a news director before moving into teaching.  "I felt confident in shooting, directing, and writing for video, but not the best at editing.  I had a general knowledge of Final Cut, mostly gained from my students!  The reason I took the 5 day class was to prepare for the Final Cut Pro certification exam.  It is the county's wish that TV Production teachers get all of our TV 4 students certified in the software, therefore, teachers certified in the software are an asset."

When asked what she thought about her training here at GeniusDV, her reply was, "the weeklong workshop was fantastic!  All of the instructors were very knowledgeable in the software and patient with us.  I left with confidence and tons of helpful information I currently use in class, and used to successfully pass the certification exam."  My favorite thing learned during training was the Multi-cam editing.  I am currently using this method with my TV3 and TV4 students, using multiple cameras to film extracurricular activities and use the multicam eding process to create a video for fundraising purposes."

mara_woosley.pngMara Woosley recently completed our Final Cut Studio bundle and 2 Day SketchUp training as part of her career enhancement as a Multimedia Technician for Hodges University in Naples, Florida.  Mara is in charge of the AV rooms for both Hodges' locations in Naples and Fort Myers, and she films speakers and events, produces videos, and maintains the website and social media sites as well.  Busy girl!  When asked what she thought of her training at GeniusDV, here is what Mara had to say:  "The training was great and it kept me interested.  I liked that the video segments used in the training were varied and fun.  The instructors were all very knowledgeable, personable, and patient.  I like that they all worked in the field as opposed to being just instructors.  The Orlando location was great and I really liked the informal "living room" setting for the classes.  The relaxed atmosphere made it easier to interact with the instructor and other students."

Regarding the overall value of the services, Mara thinks that having the option to audit the class again makes it "priceless."  When I asked Mara what the biggest new thing she learned in class was and how she is using the training in the field now, her reply, "it was all new to me, but the keyboard shortcuts and how the programs in the Final Cut Pro Suite work together have been very helpful.  So far, I'm mostly just editing video of speakers and presentations to post to the web for online students and other interested individuals.  However, in the future I will be creating marketing videos to promote fundraising events and gain sponsors." 

ben-lowell.pngBen Lowell completed our 5 day Final Cut Pro class this past summer as part of his career enhancement as a Camera Man and Filmmaker right here in Orlando, Florida.  When asked what he thought about his training here at GeniusDV, his reply was, "it was a well thought out, entertaining method of instruction.  It cut right through the jargon and focused on the execution."

Ben says the instructors at GeniusDV had a perfect mix of knowledge and showmanship and also thought the training location was convenient to a variety of venues; "I even made it to the post office during a lunch break!"  "One sweet deal" is how Ben described the overall value of services compared with the price paid. 

Directory of Photogrpahy.JPG

Ben uses the applications every day at work, and the biggest new thing he learned at training was a logical workflow and better media management.  "I really enjoyed the training and think GeniusDV is one of the few companies out there that stands behind its promises. 

Ben Lowell.jpg

The technical support and access given to the training staff by former students is truly remarkable.  I'd recommend this training for anyone that is interested in Final Cut Studio."

greg_minet.gifGreg Minet recently completed our Final Cut Pro class this past winter as part of his career enhancement as a Marketing Director for United Tel Com in Dodge City, Kansas.  When asked what he thought about the class, Greg said he "couldn't have found better training or an instructor than at GeniusDV.  It was very intense, so I really had to pay attention, yet it was open enough to ask questions.  My questions were always answered, and I really liked the camaraderie."

Along with being in charge of the advertising at United Tel Com, Greg also helps build commercials for their cable television system. Since his training, Greg has "watched the quality of my work rise tremendously.  Clients are really happy with the look they are getting, and the bosses are impressed!"  I asked Greg what the biggest new thing he learned in class was, and his reply, "possibly that I can do a lot more than I ever thought that I could do and my confidence in using the program."

more about Greg and his experience after the jump...

gfeller_profile.gifThis week's student profile features a past Avid Media Composer student who is retired and works part-time consulting for his previous employer. Ed Gfeller is from Winter Park, Florida and loves being retired since it has given him the extra time to work on personal documentaries he produces and edits for his family, and particularly for his grandchildren.

Ed started making videos over 2 years ago and was getting disgusted with the editing applications he was using.  He says, "they typically crashed, sometimes more than once a day.  I figured Avid wouldn't do that since it it what they use in the Film and TV industry.  So Avid was completely new to me.  By taking a training class with GeniusDV, I got a thorough understanding of editing in Avid, and since getting an iMac, I have not had any crashes.  The class proceeded slowly and methodically; we had 2 beginners and one advanced student in our particular class.  But there was enough new material every day to keep me interested.  I have since then taken some tutorials with my instructor, and they have really been helpful in getting me into the more advanced effects and Marquee."

Continue reading to hear more about Ed...

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