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SketchUp: May 2010 Archives

Have you ever wanted photo-realistic renderings using SketchUp?  Then SU Podium is the program to use.  You can now go from a typical SketchUp look to a photo-realistic rendering in just a few steps.

sketchup and podium.gif

Google SketchUp is a great 3D design tool and one of the many things that makes it a great design tool is the Google 3D Warehouse.  What makes the Google 3D warehouse great is the ability to organize the abundant supply of completely free user created 3D models.   Anything and everything is on the Google 3D Warehouse.  Collections allow you to sort through anything and everything much easier and faster.  

3D warehouse.gif

SketchUp is a great program right out of the box but a great deal of it's capability lies beneath it's simple interface.  SketchUp while it is a fantastic 3D modeling program it can be made even more fantastic by using Ruby scripts to create plugins. Plugins are essentialy additional tools  created by SketchUp users to make an already fantastic 3d modeling program even better..

Ruby Console.jpg

What is a 3D mouse?

A 3D mouse is exactly what it says - it is a computer mouse that functions in a 3D world.  Until recently most software was limited just 2 dimensions but now all that has changed.  We no longer live and design in flatland and designs created in programs similar to Google SketchUp are more and more being created and developed in 3D.  A traditional mouse functions adequately but has serious limitations in navigating in a 3D world.


The world of design is changing and the way you navigate it is changing as well...

SketchUp and Easter Seals design competition.  There are often SketchUp design competitions and this one is of importance because it shows that not only is SketchUp a great 3D modeling program for adults, it is also a great visualizing tool for people on the autism spectrum...

google_earth_icon.gifGoogle Earth Pro has many advantages to users in the video industry.  With the ability to show high resolution images, zoom-in to any area on the earth in seconds, and fascinating fly-bys, Google Earth Pro gives users some necessary tools to create a story in real time.

Why Pro version vs. the free version?  Because Google Earth Pro provides licensing to use it in any external purposes such as .kml or movie files, not to mention you have access to Google's inclusive global data.  It's very important to understand that you must have the Pro version in order to be able to use Google's images for video and web distribution. 

A great example of how professionals in Video Production can use Google Earth Pro, is the ability to scout out video shoot locations virtually.  A location scout can virtually set up various camera angles at different times of the day, different times of the year, in order to account for sunlight and shadows, without having to leave their desk!

Additional features of Google Earth Pro include:
  • Fastest performance
  • 4800 pixels for print images
  • ability to integrate GPS data
  • ability to import and overlay images
  • ability to perform batch geocoding
  • measures area
Google Earth Pro has many advantages to many other industries as well such as, Real Estate, Insurance, Architects, Engineers, Utility Companies, State & Local governments, Federal Government, non-profit agencies, and the possibilities are endless!  GeniusDV offers training in Google Earth Pro in conjunction with our 2-day Google SketchUp class, so check out our schedule and give us a call to book your training today!

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