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Final Cut Pro X: February 2014 Archives

This lesson focuses on the basic fundamentals of add a transition and a sound effect within Final Cut Pro X.


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Here's a quick tip for those seasoned Final Cut Pro X editors out there.  I've noticed that it's much more efficient to select a transition point, and then double click on the transition that you want instead of attempting to drag the transition to an edit point.

select transition first.pngAlso, when it comes to find transitions and / or sound effects, there is a search function at the bottom of the media browser.

sound effects search.pngThere are over one thousand sound effects that are available on a stock Final Cut Pro X system. A good collection of some unique sounds are the 'whoosh' effects.  Other good search terms that are popular may include terms like (bullet, crash, siren, crowd, fire, airplane, etc.)

Then, you can drag the sound effect directly from the media browser to your project.

full screen.png

In case you missed it, there is a new version of Final Cut Pro X.

One of the best features, is the way Final Cut Pro 10.1 now manages media.  Watch the short video below for a quick demonstration.

fcpx_training.pngThis video is only for those who are running Final Cut Pro 10.1 or higher. There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you plan in upgrading to Final Cut Pro 10.1

  • The Upgrade is Free, and it will be available in the Apple Store as an update if you have OS X 10.9  (Mavericks) installed.
  • FCP X 10.1 may be incompatible with older Mac's based on the video card
  • Updating Projects into FCP X 10.1 will not be compatible with FCP X 10.09
  • Final Cut Pro 10.1 requires a minimum of 4GB of ram to run correctly.

There are many new great features in this update, but I'll simplify things by listing the most important changes.

  • Events and Projects are now wrapped within a single file called a library, which makes it easy to archive and move your work.
  • Resolution independent projects are now supported.
  • Ability to copy/move groups of audio/video keyframes
  • Improvements to multicam editing - Audio can components can now be detached and edited within a multicam segment.
  • New and Improved slow motion (retime) options

New Self Contained Library for Managing Events/Projects

In versions of of Final Cut Pro X prior to 10.1, there was always a Final Cut Events, and Final Cut Pro Projects folder on each hard drive.

old events-projects.png

These folders are now embedded into a single Library Folder.  Furthermore, the library folder can be now placed outside of the root level of the hard-drive.

The good news is, the original directory structure that you may be used to is retained inside the Library file.  If you're curious, you can right click on the Library File to reveal the original Final Cut Pro Events and Project Folders.


By revealing the package contents, you will now see the original directory structure that you've been used to.

Inside Package Contents.png

* Please note:  You should always manage the media inside the library within Final Cut Pro X directly.  It's not recommended to manage media directly within the MAC OS X operating system level.

Since the new library file contains both Final Cut Pro Events and Final Cut Pro Projects, the projects library within earlier versions of Final Cut Pro X has been eliminated.

old project library.png

Final Cut Pro X projects now show up directly within the Final Cut Pro Library window.


When importing media, as long as you choose to copy media into a library, you will always have a self contained file that contains all of your media and your projects.  This makes it incredibly easy to archive, move or copy your media.

copy files into Library.png

It's important to note, that if you are referencing media that has been left in its original place, you will want to consolidate your library or event.

Consolidate Event.png

By consolidating an event, this will ensure that you have a complete self-contained copy of all your media within one library file.

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