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Final Cut Pro X: June 2013 Archives

This lesson focuses on how to export a movie file from Final Cut Pro X.

fcpx_training.pngTwo export a movie in Final Cut Pro X, use the share function located under the file menu.


You'll notice that most of the export options refer to services or devices. 

You can configure the list of export options available by navigating to the Final Cut Pro preferences menu, or select Add Destination from the File - Share menu.


One particular preset that you may want to add to the list, is the 'Save Current Frame' option.

To export a self-contained movie within Final Cut Pro X, select Share - Master File. 

If you have Final Cut Pro 10.0.6+ you can now export a range of from your project.  To do this, make sure the range tool is selected, and highlight and area you would like to export.


It's important that the range tool stays selected.  This way, Final Cut Pro X will only export the section of the project.  It will also export any connected clips contained within the range.

This lesson focuses on mapping  Final Cut Pro X editing functions to the keyboard.  Learning to configure your keyboard with editing shortcuts is critical to become efficient within Final Cut Pro X.


Learn how to search clip metadata within Final Cut Pro X.


This lesson focuses on the basic fundamentals on using an amazing function called 'find people' within Final Cut Pro X.  Using this function will provide an automatic tagging feature that will add meta-data within clips when Final Cut Pro detects a particular type of shot.


This lesson focuses on using placeholders within Final Cut Pro X to create an editing template.

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