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Soundtrack Pro: July 2009 Archives

With the recent upgrade of Final Cut Studio, Soundtrack Pro has also been upgraded to help you edit and mix your audio even faster with new multitrack editing tools and easy ways to fix common audio problems.  You can remove unwanted background noise in just a few simple steps and you can quickly identify, preview and fix audio that contains pops, clicks, hum, DC offset, and more.

Soundtrack Pro analyzes an audio file for common problems like pops, clicks, and more and automatically removes the unpleasant sounds.  The Analysis Tab will remove such common problems.  You can fix one problem at a time, or repair all the problems at once by clicking on Fix All.

analysistab.gif Soundtrack Pro features a dedicated tool for removing background noise, like for example, wind.  Set a Noise Print for a sample of the background noise you want to remove, and selectively dial it out of the entire recording.  This way you are able to rescue audio that would otherwise be lost or unusable.

noiseprint.gifCheck out our Soundtrack Pro training classes to learn how to use the powerful new restoration tools of Soundtrack Pro 3!

The other day I needed to mask someone's voice.  I remembered seeing a feature within SoundTrack Pro that allows you to turn someone's voice into a robot.  There's an actual term for this type of thing, it's called 'robotize'.
Well, after countless hours, I couldn't find the 'robotize' feature.  After some calls to various GeniusDV co-workers, I finally figured it out.  It's built into the 'vocal transformer' effect under the 'Pitch' category within SoundTrack Pro.

Here's a Quick Tutorial on how it works.
spbee.gifStingers aren't just on bumble bees, they are in almost every movie.  One of the most powerful musical elements in crafting suspense is the Stinger.  You know, that subtle string sound that creeps into the scene and strings you emotionally without warning.  For example, imagine a scene that involves a character walking down the hall toward his apartment door.  He hasn't a care in the world.  He might be talking on a cell phone, and the only music is the light thump of a neighbor's stereo.  But a musical stinger begins as he approaches the door and fumbles for his keys, so tension is starting to mount for the audience even before the character notices that his door is already ajar.

What makes Stingers so effective is that they slowly creep into the soundtrack, and by the time the audience notices, their adrenaline is already pumping.  Stingers are used for instant suspense. 

Soundtrack Pro 2 has many Stinger effects in the library, but the one we're talking about is the one that raises the little hairs on the back of your neck is Designer Synth 07.aiff  Audition this sound and use it in any variety and watch how it can change the whole outcome of your scene.  Have fun with it and many others in Soundtrack Pro.

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