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Apple's SoundTrack Pro provides some amazing functionality when it comes to removing noise elements from clips.  You can send clips directly from Final Cut Pro into SoundTrack Pro. SoundTrack Pro will then automatically update your Final Cut Pro sequence once you save your changes.
SoundTrack Pro has some great built in features for removing audio drop-outs or pops from individual clips.  You can send clips directly from Final Cut Pro without having to export and re-import the media.

Check out this short tutorial on how to do this.

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Keyframes are not referred to as keyframes in Soundtrack Pro, they are known as Envelope points. Envelope points have the ability to be positioned much more precise than keyframes. In Final Cut Pro for example, a frame is typically a 30th of a second, and I think we all known that a 30th of a second can be an eternity with audio.


To apply an envelope point, you must first open the envelopes associated with a particular track. To do this you click the disclosure triangle in the upper left corner. Once the envelopes are open you simply double click at the position that you desire an envelope point. To adjust the value you can either drag it manually, right click on the point and choose Set Value, or go to the Details tab in the Left Pane and input the value. Right clicking on a point, or working in the Details tab will also allow you to copy the value from either the previous or next point to the selected point. 

To remove a point, first select the point by clicking on it, and then hit the delete key.
Here's a great tutorial on how to slow down a person's dialogue without changing their pitch by using Final Cut Pro and Sound Track Pro's Time Stretch function.

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stpicon.gifApple Loops allow you to create loops of audio that can fill the duration of a segment you are scoring.  With Apple Loops you can change the tempo, adjust pitch, and layer loops.  You have access to thousands of prerecorded music files that you can easily add drum beats, rhythm parts, melody lines, and other repeating patterns to a song.  Loops contain musical patterns that can be repeated or join several together to create a song  You can also extend a loop to fill any amount of time in a song.

Apple Loops are specially formatted AIF files which contain meta data.  The data tells Soundtrack Pro facts about the file, such as instrument, tempo, key reference, genre and transient points.  You can find your Apple Loops file by following this path:  MacHD > Library > Audio > Apple Loops > Apple > Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro

There are many other loops available out there whether for purchase or downloaded free from sites such as macloops.com or macidol.com just to name a few.  Now, sometimes these loops that you download will open up just fine right away in Soundtrack Pro, however, most of these files will come in a zipped archive, so let's take a look at how to make these loops available in Soundtrack Pro.

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