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LiveType: March 2009 Archives

The LiveType interface consists of 4 windows:  the Canvas, the Inspector, the Media Browser, and the Timeline.  The 4 windows float freely, and can be moved or resized to your preference.
livetypeinface.gifWe will talk briefly about each of the 4 windows.  Note that this is only a short discussion about the LiveType interface.  Each window can be hugely expanded upon, but let's face it,  your head will start to spin if I went into anymore detail than this today!   Don't forget that we offer full instruction on LiveType as part of our Final Cut Training.
It's very easy to import a LiveType project file directly into Final Cut Pro. Simply drag a LiveType project file directly into the Final Cut Browser Window or Timeline from the LiveType interface. Bang! The LiveType project file will appear as a clip! No rendering required. Instant access! *Make sure you are using the RT unlimited option so Final Cut Pro will play the LiveType titles in 'real-time'. At some point, you'll still need to render the title, but you'll be able to preview everything in real-time until that point.


Make sure Final Cut Pro is already running in the background, so you can move the LiveType interface window over a bit to reveal the Final Cut Pro application running underneath it.

Alternatively, you can also drag the Project File from the Mac OS X finder. Either way will work fine.


You won't be able to drag the LiveType project icon directly from the LiveType interface until you have saved your project. When you Save your LiveType Project, Make sure you are saving it to a special place on your hard drive to stay organized. This is important when it comes to media management within Final Cut Pro.

Now, what happens if you change your mind about something you have created in LiveType and have already imported it into Final Cut? Easy. Simply right click on your LiveType clip in your timeline and select Open in Editor and LiveType will open, let you change what you want to in your project. Make sure you re-save the project while working in LiveType so it will automatically update the changes in Final Cut.


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