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DVD Studio Pro: June 2009 Archives

When building your DVD Studio Pro projects, do you ever get this error message?

compilererror.gifThe best way to deal with this situation, is to simply delete your preferences.  We do this by going through the Finder > User > Library > Preferences > com.apple.dvdstudiopro.plist and putting it into the trash.  Empty the trash and restart.

preferences.gifIt is important to remember to write down your preferences or back them up before trashing them.  That way anything specific you might have changed for your particular project will still be available.

No one can say exactly why this error message happens; it could be any number of things from encoding to destination settings.  But trashing the preferences seems to do the trick.  In some cases others have had to reinstall the software.

Remember, that with any of our training classes, included is full technical support after you've taken the class.  Ongoing support is invaluable anytime you have a quick question, need help with a project, or just get stuck with a problem.  Just another one of the great benefits of taking one of our classes.  Check out our upcoming schedules, and call us today!

If you are producing both a Standard Definition, and a High Definition project in DVD Studio Pro here is a very important piece of information to keep in mind. When setting the DVD Standard, set it to SD DVD first, author out the entire project, even build it. BUT, before you change the Video Standard to HD DVD, save the project with the HD suffix atatched, then change the Video Standard for that project to HD DVD. If you change a project from SD to HD, you cannot change it back. If you need to build another SD DVD, you won't be able to reset the DVD standard. You can upgrade from SD to HD, but not the other way.

Thumbnail image for dvd_standard.gif

The Simulator in DVD Studio Pro is a great tool for checking your project while you are still creating it.  The Simulator behaves just like a standalone DVD player.  There shouldn't be any question as to how your project is going to look using the simulator.

Today's scenario is this:  You're finished working on a project for a client and he insists he only needs one copy.  He calls back a week later to say he needs 3 more copies.  But you have already dumped the project, media, etc from your hard drive in order to start a new project.  What do you do?  Well first of all, personally, I would, no matter what, make 2 copies; one for the client, and one for my own "portfolio" per say.  So you take his copy back (or the one you've made for yourself) and you simply make another copy of it from the original.  It's relatively a simple process by using the Mac's Disk Utility Application.  You will copy the information from the DVD onto your hard drive.  When you copy the original DVD you create a .dmg file, or a disk image file.  A disk image file is an exact copy of the original.  Then you burn the disk image file onto a blank DVD.  Easy right?  Here it is, step by step:

  • Insert the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive
  • The DVD Player application will automatically launch; close the DVD Player application
  • The DVD icon will show on your desktop


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