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DVD Studio Pro: April 2008 Archives

When you pop in a Hollywood DVD, and the opening segment is unable to be paused or fast forwarded, it is because the playback controls are disabled. To do this in DVD Studio Pro it is very simple. Either a Track, Menu, Story, or a Slideshow can have this functionality.


motion_playback_controls_disabled.gifFor a menu, you need to be in the Advanced tab within the Menu Inspector. Then click the Disable All button. This will cause the movie playing in the menu to be unaffected by any button on the remote control. The same thing can be accomplished in a Track, or Story by clicking the Disable All button in the User Operations tab in the Inspector. To make a Slideshow forced, you will need to be in the Advanced tab in the Inspector, and change all the Remote Control options to not set. After the movie you do not want the viewer to have control over plays, you will want to have it end jump. Usually when it has been a first play, the end jump will be to the main menu.

web_link3.gifGiving the viewer the ability to connect to your website from a DVD is a powerful feature of DVD Studio Pro. There are a couple things to keep in mind when using this feature, to keep it from being a source of aggravation to the viewer instead of a source of convenience. 

To do a web link you will use a menu to actually launch the viewers internet browser. To do this you need to go to the Advanced tab within the Inspector, and enter the web address into the URL: window, making sure that you enter http:// before the actual address. The Name: window is there for your reference, it is not necessary to enter anything into it.. After entering the web address, you will need to check the box next to "DVD@ccess". This will cause the viewers browser to go to the web address you entered when this menu is selected. Typically the address will be within a button on another menu, and when that button is selected, the web link menu will open, launching the viewers internet browser. When the browser launches, and the targeted website is accessed, the menu that launched the browser has served it's purpose. The browser will have appeared overtop of the web link menu at this time, and since the web link menu has served it's purpose, it can now timeout, and return to the previous menu. In most instances when the weblink works properly the viewer never sees the content of the weblink menu, because it times out before the viewer returns to the DVD player.

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