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Final Cut Pro 7: April 2010 Archives

automatic_duck_icons.pngEver needed to import your Avid sequences into Final Cut Pro or vice versa?  Automatic Duck makes plug-ins that translate edited sequences between Avid & Final Cut Pro, and even After Effects, Pro Tools, and other digital video editing tools.  In one step, Pro Import FCP imports your Avid OMF composition, builds all your video tracks, assembles your master clips and recreates many of your effects inside Final Cut.

The accuracy of the translation will amaze you.  Not only will all your layers come across in one import, but many Avid effects are translated into FCP equivalents.  Avid Picture-in-Picture parameters are turned into Scale and Position adjustments in the Motion Tab.  Superimpose effects are turned into Opacity settings.  Even keyframes are translated.

Automatic Duck also offers Pro Export FCP which integrates your Final Cut Pro system with Avid, along with Pro Import AE which transfers your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Motion projects into After Effects and saves you time.  Media Copy is another of Automatic Duck's powerful applications used to move or archive sequences or projects.  You can learn about all of Automatic Duck's products at their website.

Mike Willats of Minds Eye Creative uses Pro Export FCP, and had this to say:

Having worked with Disney for so many years, I have several projects that have evolved year to year on Avid. There are many times I will return to sequences from years past to help complete my work.

This year we had to move everything to Final Cut Pro. I used Automatic Duck FCP Pro Import 2.0 and it has made this process seamless, allowing me to re-create these sequences in FCP with no problems.

Mike Willats

Mind's Eye Creative, Inc.

Ever feel like you've over-used the standard sound effects included in Final Cut Pro & Soundtrack Pro?  Well at the NAB 2010 show, several companies were present showcasing their volumes upon volumes of sound effects and royalty free music libraries.  Here are a few companies to check out if you're looking for something fresh and new:

sound_ideas_icon.gifSound Ideas is one of the world's leading publishers of professional sound effects.  Prices range anywhere from $29 to $10,000 depending on how extensive a library you're looking for.  Available on CD, CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, and Hard Drives.  Sound Ideas also offers fully customized hard drives, where customers get to choose exactly what products, sample rate and computer platform they need and the drive is specifically made to order for their needs.  Sound Ideas features MetaDigger, a file scanning and metadata search program, and Soundminer, an audio file management system.

nonstop_music_icon.gifNonstop Music provides library music, custom music and news music packages to broadcasters all around the world.  With over 25 years in writing music for Hollywood movie trailers, TV network themes, commercials, and sports and with a wide variety of styles, genres, and categories makes it one of the most flexible libraries in the world.

videohelper_icon.gifVideo Helper is "production music for people who hate production music", meaning they write their music as producers, not just as musicians.  Once you sign up for an account with Video Helper, they will send you discs of their entire VideoHelper and ScoreHelper libraries...free...you don't pay anything up front, you only pay when you use the music.  Features over 2600 titles on 40 CDs, and Look & Load, their superfast search engine.

megatrax_icon.gifMegatrax is one of the world's leading production music libraries for film, television, advertising, and multimedia.  With over 25,000 fresh new cuts in every style, plus sound f/x the features the freshest and most original sound in production music.  With the MusicSource Search System, you can search, preview, and download music from a great assortment of Megatrax's best.

blastwavefx_icon.gifBlastwave FX develops next-generation HD sound effects libraries for professional audio production.  Royalty-free creative resources for audio professionals worldwide in post, broadcast, film television, video games, animation, radio, new media and beyond.  Blastwave FX delivers their products on DVD, USB flash drive, hard drive, and via download, and all of their products contain broadcast .wav files and/or mp3 reference files with embedded metadata.  Prices range from $25 to $5000 and up.  Blastwave FX features "free updates for life" with all their SDS hard drive libraries, and Blastwave FX search engine, where you can search, audition, drag & drop to any Mac or PC application.

5alarm_music_icon.gif 5 Alarm Music boasts "the largest independent music library in the nation" with over 40 different libraries, over 3000 cds, an extensive classical selection, and custom compositions.  They deliver any way you need it:  CD, DVD, USB 2.0 drive, Search & Download for Mac & PC, and many different formats including, mp3, wav, bwav, ftp, aiff, iTunes searchable, msoft, & soundminer.  5 Alarm Music is your music concierge.

shot_logger_pro_icon.pngRed Lightning Software announced at NAB last week that they will soon be releasing a new product for logging clips as you shoot.  By annotating each shot with a clip name, shot notes, rating, type, scene and take number, and real time markers you will be able to edit instantly in Final Cut Pro with a completely organized and annotated clip list.  Shot Logger Pro syncs the logging notes to the corresponding video clips once you have transferred your footage to your Mac.  Preview each video after syncing and finalize the annotation and real time markers of each shot.  Then export to Final Cut Pro to start editing without wasting any time watching every clip and manually logging them days after you've shot them.

Shot Logger Pro features:
  • Annotate each clip
  • Instant editing in Final Cut Pro
  • Real Time Markers
  • Set media in & out points for each clip
  • Intelligent take number indexing
  • Export annotated clips to a text file
shot_logger_pro.pngSupported cameras include RED, Panasonic P2, Sony XDcam, Canon SLR, HDV, DV and more.  Shot Logger Pro will vastly increase your productivity when it comes time to edit.  You can download the Shot Logger Pro NAB flyer here, and be sure to check out Red Lightning's website to see their other Final Cut Pro integration products.

cpc-jpgIf you have the need to do Standard Definition or High Definition closed captioning, check out CPC.  They offer closed captioning software the does not require a closed captioning encoder.

Better yet, if you don't have the time to close caption your own videos, you can hire them to do it for you!

There closed captioning software is also compatible with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.

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Using the Edit Selection Tool, or the Range Selection Tool, to select a portion of your sequence to render quickly in Final Cut Pro is just another one of those great little shortcuts to help us save time.  Say for example you have a large sequence with all kinds of transitions, filters, or effects, and you want to see how just a portion of it is going to look.  Rather than rendering out the entire sequence, you can use this great little shortcut: GGG.  That's all there is to it.  Press the G key 3 times and then click & drag the portion of the clip or clips that you want to render.  Now you can press Cmd+R, and it will render just that range you've specified, and take a lot less time doing so.  This way you don't have to render an entire sequence and waste time. This accomplishes the same result as the traditional method of setting in and out points to achieve the same goal.


inout_render.gifCheck out this article for more tips on how to use the edit selection tool effectively.  Here at GeniusDV, we can teach you more shortcuts, and much smoother workflows.  Check out our class schedule and give us a call today.

With the recent release of the iPad, Final Cut editors will no doubt be producing content for the iPad. The million dollar question becomes, how? I'm sure in the near future there will be some Apple presets for accomplishing this goal, but until then we can certainly get by.

Let me first say that the iPad rocks, and there are going to be endless video opportunities for this clever little device. Since the iPad's resolution is 1024x768, there are no simple output options for creating video specifically for the iPad. However the Apple TV settings are a great choice for exporting all of your non 1024x768 sequences. The iPad will letterbox the video, and when viewing from the landscape position, will give you the ability to fill the screen.


One of my favorite Final Cut Pro plug-ins makers has done it again.  CoreMelt has 7 new plug-ins as part of it's newest update to ImageFlow, Delta V, TRX and Shatter plug-ins sets.

CoreMelt's plug-ins are easy and fun to use.  You can download their 15 day free trial to see what it's all about!

Here's a quick video tutorial on creating 3D titles with Final Cut Pro.

Boris Title 3D in Final Cut Pro is a text generator you can use quickly to design basic titles without having to go to a third-party application.  The term Title 3D can be a bit misleading however; the Title 3D tool doesn't actually render anything in true 3D space.  It simulates titles that look 3D by adding a drop shadow.  Title 3D adds a bit of creativity that fools the eye into thinking the characters are truly 3D.

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