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Final Cut Pro 7: September 2008 Archives

When you are previewing a clip in the Viewer in Final Cut Pro, there is an easy way to do a quick check of your in and out points, without having to move the playhead. By holding down the Control key and pressing the left arrow or the right arrow the Viewer will show you the In and Out points currently set in the Viewer.
Since the dawn of time - filmic time, at least - we visual types have liked to fool around with visual effects.  And since the dawn of NLE plugins to help us do that, they've been something of a black box.  Sure, they've got a couple of knobs to adjust the effects' parameters - but at the end of the day, we're in the habit of shoving our footage into the plugins without any idea of what goes on behind the scenes.

Enter Final Cut Pro's FXBuilder.

Finally, we can look inside of most of the effects and transitions that ship with Final Cut - and tweak them, and even write our own, if we're feeling ambitious.
Using AVCHD has become very popular, and there are a couple practices that make it more streamline in Final Cut Pro. First of all when ever possible transfer the contents of the AVCHD camera to a folder on your Mac. This will free up your camera to get back to work, or at least not be on. In the field this would be good battery budgeting, Transfering the contents of the camera hard drive to a folder will also increase the responsiveness in the Final Cut Pro Log and Transfer, since it will not be communicating thru the USB. Oddly enough I have not noticed a dramatic difference in the ingest time when the hard drive contents are accessed directly from a folder on the hard drive of my Mac.

The transferred contents of the cameras hard drive can also be a great way to archive the media. Since the media as it comes of the camera is compressed, it is very possible that the entire contents of the compressed media will be significantly less than what is captured. Especially when you are ingesting the contents without setting in and out points. For example if you were to ingest the entire contents of a camera that totaled six minutes, it would be four times larger after it was ingested.
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