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Final Cut Pro 7: February 2008 Archives

If you have a .Mac account you can put a video from Final Cut Pro online with iWeb in a few steps. This is a great way to allow a client to preview a video without much effort. Making the site secure for only for client to be able to view the page is as simple as setting a login and password in iWeb before publishing.

To prepare a video for iWeb with Final Cut Pro, use the Using Quicktime Conversion Export option in Final Cut Pro. Selecting the iPhone Format option will compress the video to a 480x360 mpeg4 movie.  The other preset mpeg4 format option in the Quicktime conversion is the iPod seting, which will output a 640x480 mpeg4 movie. Both of these options will produce iWeb compatible video.

For a step by step explanation of how to post a video online using iWeb, click here.

hue_direction_control.gifEver wonder what the color circle with the arrow in when you get to a color selection decision in Final Cut Pro. It is called the Hue Direction Control. What it does is control the direction a change in color will take if you key frame a color change. For example if you need to go from yellow to blue, and the Hue Direction Control was indicating a counter clockwise arrow, the yellow would turn green then go from green to blue. On the other hand if the clockwise arrow was showing the yellow would turn orange, then red, then purple, then blue.

Thumbnail image for video_generators_menu.gifYou can change the Matte Color Video Generator in Final Cut Pro. For a long time I would open the Matte Color, and then click the Controls tab to change the matte to the color I wanted, which was almost always white. After a hundred or so times doing this I finally had the bright idea to see if I could change the default.

Final Cut Pro allows users to work with multiple projects open at the same time.  This can be a potential media management nightmare if you don't understand how the logging bin works. The logging bin tells Final Cut Pro where to put your media.  Even though Final Cut Pro allows mutliple project tabs to be open, only one logging bin can be set.


set_logging_bin.gifPontentially, if you are on the wrong project tab, Final Cut Pro will put your media into the wrong project folder. It is critical that you change your logging bin to the correct project tab before capturing media.

To set the loggin bin, (right click) within the name column of the Browser Window, and select 'set logging bin'.



This will ensure that your media goes into the correct folder that will match your project tab.


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