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Learn how to trace around a subject (rotoscoping) within Avid Media Composer to create an amazing effect.


If Avid Media Composer is not your primary effects software package, you can still create this amazing effect all within the Media Composer software.

Key fundementals that you will learn in this video tutorial include:

  • Using the Paint Tool to RotoScope
  • Creating a Video Mixdown to create a black / white matte
  • Using the Matte Key to clone a subject


It's easy to fix a color cast problem within Avid Media Composer.

colorcast_removal.gifIn this example, I have a camera angle that has a green color cast. 

You can play the full YouTube video tutorial below, or print out the steps for this tutorial below.

play_avid_tutorial.pngHere is the next scheduled hands-on Avid Media Composer training course at GeniusDV.

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If you are new to Avid Media Composer, here's a simple tutorial that demonstrates three basic fundamentals within Avid Media Composer.

  • Using the Match Frame Function
  • Creating a Freeze Frame
  • Adding a Video Transition

play_avid_tutorial.pngLearn how to create a freeze frame camera flash effect directly within Avid Media Composer.  This is an excellent tutorial that you may find useful within a 'highlight reel' or 'promo video'.

Check out this short tutorial for ingesting 4K Media within Avid Media Composer. This tutorial is for the novice who is working with 4K media the first time. It purposely avoids the many advanced and customized workflows associated with 4K Media.

Media Management.png

Editing workflows that require a full 4K final exported movie will make your head spin.  There are all sorts of things to consider, which include:

  • Storage Requirements for 4K media (working with proxy media)
  • Computer Processing Power
  • Bandwidth requirements (high speed disk arrays / solid state storage)
  • Organizational Structure of Media
  • Software Project Settings

play_avid_tutorial.pngPlease note, in order to work within a 4K project you You must have Avid Media Composer 8.3 or higher

Also, the new Avid DNxHR codec is for ingest/import only.  For 4K export, I recommend using the Pro-Res Codec.

*If you are running Avid Media Composer on a PC, it get's a bit tricky sharing 4K media, because you cannot export back out using the Pro-Res codec. 

If you are are on a PC, and it's an absolute must that you maintain the 4K frame size, you can try exporting your movie using the JPEG codec. This will create 4K movie file that's compatible with most other editing systems.  The one major problem will be the amount of time it takes to export.

Learn how to use Avid Media Composer's scratch removal tool for repairing video frames within a sequence.


The scratch removal function is an excellent effect for preserving old footage from film or tape.


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