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Learn how to convert a logo into a 3D extruded object by using a combination of Avid FX and Avid Media Composer.


If you are an owner of Avid Media Composer, this is an excellent tutorial, because it will demonstrate how to create a 3D logo out of any graphic that contains an alpha channel.


To start, edit a graphic that contains an alpha channel into an Avid Sequence.

Then navigate to the project window and click on the purple effects tab.

Look for the title-matte effect located within the Avid FX category.


Drag the title matte effect onto the clip you’ve placed on V2.

Then make sure the track indicator is turned on, and press the effect mode button.

The effect editor window will appear.

Launch Avid FX.png

Navigate to the window and choose show vector trace palette.

This will bring forward the options window.

Click on the Vector Trace tab and set the trace channel to alpha.

Then go ahead and close the options tab.


Now, click on the Preview Track button for the Video 1 logo track.

Avid FX Preview Track.png

If you do not see the Avid FX toolbar, press Command 6 to bring it forward.

Then, select the Vector Trace button from the toolbar.

 Hold down the option + shift keys and draw a lasso around your logo.

When you let go of the mouse button, a spline track will be created and the logo should now to be traced within a red line around it.

Now close the tab for the Preview Window.

Set Vector Area.png

Navigate back to the timeline window, and change the spline track from 3D line art to 3D extrusion.

This will create a 3D object from your logo.


Navigate to the controls tab window and adjust the Y spin parameter so the logo is partially on its edge.


Then, click on the extrusion tab to adjust the amount of extrusion.

 Next, click on the textures tab.

 Click the check box to activate the front texture.

 The front texture should fill itself from the original graphic that is on  V1.


For an added effect, navigate to the filters menu and choose Lights – Rays Puffy.

Change the apply mode for the rays from in-front to behind.

Then go ahead and increase the ray Length.


And finally, you won’t need the original graphic that’s on V1 anymore, you can go ahead and delete it.

Delete Track.png

When you’re done, press the Apply button in the lower right corner of the Timeline window.

This will take you back to Avid Media Composer. 

Click on the render button to render the effect.

Render Effect.png

Okay, that’s it, check it out!

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It's easy to create amazing 3D text using Avid Media Composer in combination with Avid FX.


All current versions of Avid Media Composer now ship with the Avid FX Software. For those who are new to Media Composer, Avid FX is esentially the same as Boris FX.


Check out our latest updated list of Avid Media Composer tutorials.Here you can access some of the best Media Composer tutorials available.  They are all original, and they are all free! 

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Check out this short video tutorial on how to create a spinning 3D cube using Avid FX (Boris FX) within Avid Media Composer.

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You can use Avid FX (think Boris FX) in conjunction with Avid Media Composer to create stunning text effects.

Avid FX provides for a downstream mask key, which makes it incredibly easy to composite video inside a text layer.  Avid FX is also resolution independent which means you can create very large text objects that are larger than your video frame.

Check out this short Avid FX tutorial on how to do this.

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