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Avid: April 2010 Archives

automatic_duck_icons.pngEver needed to import your Avid sequences into Final Cut Pro or vice versa?  Automatic Duck makes plug-ins that translate edited sequences between Avid & Final Cut Pro, and even After Effects, Pro Tools, and other digital video editing tools.  In one step, Pro Import FCP imports your Avid OMF composition, builds all your video tracks, assembles your master clips and recreates many of your effects inside Final Cut.

The accuracy of the translation will amaze you.  Not only will all your layers come across in one import, but many Avid effects are translated into FCP equivalents.  Avid Picture-in-Picture parameters are turned into Scale and Position adjustments in the Motion Tab.  Superimpose effects are turned into Opacity settings.  Even keyframes are translated.

Automatic Duck also offers Pro Export FCP which integrates your Final Cut Pro system with Avid, along with Pro Import AE which transfers your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Motion projects into After Effects and saves you time.  Media Copy is another of Automatic Duck's powerful applications used to move or archive sequences or projects.  You can learn about all of Automatic Duck's products at their website.

Mike Willats of Minds Eye Creative uses Pro Export FCP, and had this to say:

Having worked with Disney for so many years, I have several projects that have evolved year to year on Avid. There are many times I will return to sequences from years past to help complete my work.

This year we had to move everything to Final Cut Pro. I used Automatic Duck FCP Pro Import 2.0 and it has made this process seamless, allowing me to re-create these sequences in FCP with no problems.

Mike Willats

Mind's Eye Creative, Inc.

If you are a Macintosh user running Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer, there are a couple of rules in terms of drive format compatibility between Mac OS X and Windows.


For the most part, when you purchase a new disk drive, it comes pre-formatted.  Typically, it's formatted as one large partition in a format called 'Fat 32'.  A Fat 32 partition is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows.  Both operating systems can read/write to it.

If you choose to re-format your drive as Windows NTFS, Mac OS X can read the partition but it cannot write to it.  Therefore, I recommend that you leave your hard-drive formatted as one large FAT 32 partition if you plan on moving files back and forth between a MAC and PC.

The problem is, Windows will only you a maximum partition size of 32 Gigs for a FAT 32 Partition.  This gets to be ridiculous if you have a 1 TB drive.  You would end up with 30 partitions!

So, here's a trick to format you're drive as one large FAT 32 partition.......

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cpc-jpgIf you have the need to do Standard Definition or High Definition closed captioning, check out CPC.  They offer closed captioning software the does not require a closed captioning encoder.

Better yet, if you don't have the time to close caption your own videos, you can hire them to do it for you!

There closed captioning software is also compatible with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.

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