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Avid: November 2009 Archives

If you are an Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro user, you may find it necessary to send files back and forth between a Windows based PC and your Macintosh computer.  There are many different ways to network a Windows based PC with a Mac. One method is to map a network drive letter to your PC for easy access to your Macintosh computer.

For this article, I will focus on networking a PC so it can see the files on a MAC in a very simple network environment.  (i.e., a PC and a MAC hooked up to your local home network).

Here's a quick step by step tutorial on how to map a drive letter so you can access your Mac OS X user folder.

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The term 'interlaced video' may cause chills to the seasoned video editor.  There are a variety of ways to 'deinterlace' video, but depending how you go about the process may lead to inferior results. 

Today, you'll mostly likely encounter an 'interlacing' problem when viewing 'standard defination' mini-dv video on the web, or viewing a QuickTime file playing SD media on a computer screen.

I stumbled upon a free program called 'Deinterlacer' by JES Schotsman.  So, I ran through a quick test using it's default parameters.  Here are the results.  Wow!, I'm sold.

This is a typical example of what an interlaced frame looks like from an interlaced SD or HD video source.  Notice how the image looks blurry from displaying both fields of video on a single frame.


Notice the difference, after the video has been deinterlaced.  You'll also notice that 'JES Deinterlacer' also runs a color correction algorithm to automatically for color contrast.



carbon_copy_cloner_logo.jpgIt's time to revisit the popular Carbon Copy Cloner program that allows you to create an exact copy of your source machine onto an external hard drive. 

I recently tested this by backing up my Mac Book Pro running Snow Leopard. It took about 1 1/2 hours to back up 80 Gigs to my portable pocket drive running at 5400 RPM. 

The latest version also allows you to create incremental backups that can be scheduled.  You can even back everything up to a remote Mac on a Network. To create a backup of your entire sytstem, just hook up an external drive and set it as the target.  That's it!

To test the copy, you can boot your Mac directly off the external drive by holding down the option key while you restart your Mac.  This will allow you to choose your external drive as the new Boot Drive. 

Okay, so how must does this software cost?  Guess what, it's free!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Bombich Software makes this very clear by running an occasional banner within the software program.  I recommend that you donate to Bomich Software for this amazing program. 

If you plan on cloning several machines using Carbon Copy Cloner there's one catch. Keep in mind those machines will be EXACT copies of each other.  This means, they will inherent all the same user names and passwords.  They'll also have all the same programs with the same serial numbers.  This means, you may have reset the serial numbers on certain software products that have license restrictions.

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