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Avid: September 2009 Archives

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I ran into a situation the other day where a client needed a Windows Media file for playback in a PowerPoint presentation on a Windows machine. I edit on a Mac and I am the OS X does not come native with any type of Windows Media codec. You will need to download a plug-in for your Quicktime player that will allow you to export to this codec. The answer is Flip4Mac.
Flip4Mac is a great, free, plug-in provides Windows Media video and audio playback in the QuickTime Player for your Mac OS X. It not only allow you to playback media but it also provides you the abilty to export. It is simple to use and the only requirment you need for export in Quicktime Pro (Standard Quicktime will allow playback only). Simpy open your media in Quicktime and navigate to File>Export>Windos Media File. There are several settings to choose from so choose the one that fits your end user. Download Flip4Mac now so you will be ready when you need to export to the Windows Media Format. 

Requirements for Flip4Mac:

-Intel or PowerPC G4 and G5
-Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
-QuickTime version 7.0 or later
-QuickTime Pro version 7.0 or later (for exporting movies in Player Pro, Studio, Studio Pro and Studio Pro HD)

The 'Marquee' title tool within Avid Media Composer is a fantastic titling program. In addition to creating stunning 3D titles, you can also use Marquee for other types of effects. Since Marquee is resolution independent, you can import high resolution pictures directly into Marquee without losing any resolution.



Now, you may be asking yourself, why not just use the Avid Pan and Zoom effect that is available within the standard Media Composer effects. Well, Marquee offers the additional benefits of lighting, and true 3D space. This means you can rotate your photos in Z space, and add lighting effects. Better yet, you can have an unlimited number of layers.

This tutorial will give you the basic steps for adding lighting to a picture imported directly into Avid Marquee title tool.

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