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Avid: September 2008 Archives

What if I told you, that it's possible to edit an entire sequence without having to mark any IN or OUT points? You probably would think I'm crazy.

One of the most useful editing features within Avid Media Composer / Avid Xpress, is the replace command. Unfortunately, it is probably one of the most under utilized features.

This is because the function most be mapped to the keyboard or Avid interface. Most Avid users are familiar with the red overwrite command. I urge editors to learn how to use the replace function instead of always using the red overwrite command.

replace_edit_blue_arrow.gifThe replace command is a blue sideways arrow. In some ways it functions like the overwrite command, but provides additional control of the content. You can find the 'blue replace arrow by navigating to the Tools / Command Pallete menu.You'll need to map it to either a blank space within the Media Composer interface, or to a key.

avid_command_palette.gifHere's how the blue replace function works:

WacomTablet.pngIf I've not sold you on these things - and I swear I'm not a shill - I imagine some of the examples later in the series will.  So let me just get it out now: my advice on choosing a tablet if you decide you want one.  I'm no professional tablet man, so take my advice for what it is - just one video guy talking to another.

There are a handful of companies making tablet products, but the long-time industry leader is Wacom.  Their hardware doesn't require much TLC, it's packed to the gills with productivity features, it plays nicely with a whole array of input devices, and it will outlive you.  Well, maybe not you, but it will outlive, say, your pet ferret.  Having played with friends' off-brand tablets, and felt how heavy pens can get with batteries in them, and been annoyed by their strange calibrations, I think I'd definitely stay brand-loyal if I were to buy another.

This Avid Media Comopser training tutorial for Avid Marquee demonstrates how to create simple but yet stunning looking titles that include 3D extrusion, beveled edges, and textures with lighting effects.

Avid Marquee is an incredibly powerful 3D titling package that is included with the latest version of Avid Media Composer.  The lastest version of Avid Xpress also includes Marquee.



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