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Learn how to create an automated droplet when you can create video effects using Photoshop!

Photoshop_Droplet_Tutorial.pngYou can also use Photoshop to de-interlace video. I recently encountered a situation where I had to de-interlace hundreds of video files that were shot in 1080i.

de-interlace_droplet.pngThe only difference from the tutorial above is to perform a de-interlace function from the Filter-Video Menu as part of an action.


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Learn how to trace around a subject (rotoscoping) within Avid Media Composer to create an amazing effect.


If Avid Media Composer is not your primary effects software package, you can still create this amazing effect all within the Media Composer software.

Key fundementals that you will learn in this video tutorial include:

  • Using the Paint Tool to RotoScope
  • Creating a Video Mixdown to create a black / white matte
  • Using the Matte Key to clone a subject


It's easy to fix a color cast problem within Avid Media Composer.

colorcast_removal.gifIn this example, I have a camera angle that has a green color cast. 

You can play the full YouTube video tutorial below, or print out the steps for this tutorial below.

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If you are new to Avid Media Composer, here's a simple tutorial that demonstrates three basic fundamentals within Avid Media Composer.

  • Using the Match Frame Function
  • Creating a Freeze Frame
  • Adding a Video Transition

play_avid_tutorial.pngLearn how to create a freeze frame camera flash effect directly within Avid Media Composer.  This is an excellent tutorial that you may find useful within a 'highlight reel' or 'promo video'.

Professional video editors should be aware of a cardinal rule.  Do not upgrade your operating system unless you are 100% sure your video editing software is compatible with it. 

This is particularly true with products such as Avid Media Composer, and Pro Tools.  Also, pay attention to the compatibility of 3rd party software and plug-ins.  Just because your editing software may be compatible with a new OS, some of your software plug-ins may not be.

This brings me to my next point.  If you purchase a brand new computer from Apple,  it will probably have the most recent operating system installed on it. This means if your version of video editing software doesn't work on the latest version of Mac OS 'Yosemite', you won't be able to run your software.

Please note: The hardware in a brand new Mac may prevent you from downgrading beyond the previous operating system.  So currently, that brand new Mac you just bought may only allow you to downgrade to Mavericks, and not Mountain Lion.

Fortunately, there is a way to re-download a copy of Mavericks.  You can even choose to partition your hard-drive so you can keep the Yosemite OS, along with Mavericks.  You can then boot between them.

To  perform a downgrade to Mavericks (Mac OS X 10.9) from Yosemite (10.10) you will need the following:

  • *A copy of the Mavericks installer (you can find this under the purchases tab within the App store)
  • A thumb drive or external drive that can be re-formatted
  • Some patience

Okay, ready?  Here are the steps.  You may want to print the steps out.

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