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Since Apple is still selling Final Cut Studio 3.0, GeniusDV has decided to re-cycle and update some of our more popular tutorials.  If you're curious, that's over 4 hours of some of the best Final Cut Studio tutorial's out there.  And they are FREE!  So enjoy.

Here's a short tutorial on how to create a camera flash effect using Final Cut Pro. This tutorial also demonstrates how to use the 'built-in' sound effects provided by SoundTrack Pro.

Special thanks to Mattias for providing this free Camera flash plugin for Final Cut Pro.

Continue reading for a full text-based tutorial, that doesn't use the plugin.

The Range Selection Tool in Final Cut Pro X speeds up your editing workflow by allowing you to apply changes within and between multiple clips in the Timeline.  Once you've clicked and dragged to select a range, you can trim range selections, delete them with what's effectively an extract edit, apply effects to them, and modify them in other ways too.  You can adjust the range selection start and end points using the range handles on either side of the selection and using the I key for the start (In) point and the O key for the end (Out) point.

To select a range in the Event Browser, drag across any clip.  A yellow border with handles will appear around the range you've selected. 
range.pngTo select a range in the Timeline, use the keyboard shortcut (R), or you can choose Range Selection from the Tools pop-up menu in the toolbar.
range_selection.png Drag the Range Selection tool across one or more clips in the Timeline to select a range.  To adjust the selection start and end points, drag the range handles on either side of the range.

Ducking Audio
One of the coolest functions of using the Range Selection Tool in FCPX is the automatic placement of keyframes when working with audio.  If you select a range of audio where you want to lower the volume, simply use the Range Selection tool.  Hold down the R key and drag across the section of the clip that you want to adjust; release the R key, and you have a yellow box around the range.  Now grab the black bar running thru the audio and drag it down to the desired audio level.  FCPX automates the keyframes to fade the audio at the start and end of the range.  You can also drag the individual keyframes forward or backward to adjust the speed of the fade.

Extract Edits
The Range Selection tool can also make an extract edit easy to do directly in the Timeline.  Simply select the range you want to get rid of and use the large Delete Key (a.k.a. the "Backspace" key) to perform a ripple delete, removing the chunk of clip from the Timeline and closing the resulting gap.

It's important to note that the Range Selection Tool is spring-loaded, meaning when press the R key and hold it down, once it's released the tool reverts to the previously active tool.  Whereas, if you press the R key to activate the tool, once you've selected the range, you will have to turn off the tool, by pressing the Arrow Tool (A).

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final_cut_pro_X_7.pngAs Apple released it's first software update for Final Cut Pro X Tuesday, they have also released a White Paper of Final Cut Pro X for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors.  The instructive White Paper specifically uses Final Cut Pro 7 for comparison and shows users how to get to where they need to go in FCPX, which should help answer a lot of questions for frustrated editors.

GeniusDV has a new Final Cut Pro X training class in Orlando, FL along with Onsite training at your location.

If you're accustomed to using dual monitors in Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier and are wondering if it can be done in Final Cut Pro X, the answer is Yes!  Or maybe you would just like to expand your workspace in the Final Cut Pro X main window; if you connect a second monitor to your computer, you can show the Viewer on the second monitor to play back video, or the Event Browser on the second monitor to view clips in an Event.

Dual Monitors using Final Cut Pro X

When doing this, keep these simple steps in mind:
  • Connect your second monitor to your computer and make sure it is turned on.
  • In FCPX, choose Window > Show Viewer on Second Display

  • The Viewer now appears on the second monitor
  • To switch the Viewer to the main window, choose Window > Show Viewer in  the Main Window
  • To reset everything back to one screen, choose Window > Revert to Original Layout
  • If you want to show the Event Library and the Event Browser on a second monitor, follow the same instructions as above, except choose Window > Show Events on Second Display

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Digital Heaven has just recently released 5 new transition effects for Final Cut Pro X.  The FCPX Transitions Pack 1 features a classic lens flare, frame roll, light flash, shutter, and stretch pan.  Add a splash of energy to any production with these transitions, and you'll find they will become an essential addition to your effects toolkit.  Check out Digital Heaven's cool demo:

Note that these transitions are for Final Cut Pro X only and will not work in FCP 7 or earlier.  Have you been looking for training in Final Cut Pro X?  Look no further, GeniusDV now has a fantastic 4 day Final Cut Pro X training class!  Check it out and call to reserve your seat today!
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