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Mickey: July 2010 Archives

Adobe After Effects CS5.png
After Effects CS5 can read and write native MXF and OMF video media essence, as used in Avid MXF and OMF essence files. You can import MXF and OMF files as you would other footage types. When you import an AAF file that references an OMF file, the OMF footage also imports. The audio files are not imported at the same time. You can import them later to sync up with your OMF file but if you are going to export the file back into Avid Media Composer this is not necessary. The great feature that I use everyday is the export to MXF or OMF. This not only saves space on your hard-drive but it also helps to preserve quality. Just remember the audio that is associated with the MXF and OMF will not export. This is a great new feature of After Effects for Avid Media Composer users! One of the many things you will learn in our up and coming After Effects Classes! 
Backfocus grid Geniusdv.jpg

The Sony EX-3 is one of the most popular cameras on the market today. With its tapeless workflow, beautiful images and the pricepoint, it is well ahead of all other cameras, even for twice the price. Whether you are unpacking and mounting your lens for the first time or changing lenses you need to set your backfocus on your Sony EX-3. This is super simple and I have provided a backfocus test pattern above so that you can download it and print it off. Just click the image for a full scale version.

First and foremost you need to be in a very brightly lit environment. This will allow the camera to properly set its back focus adjusment. Secondly you need to place your camera on a tri-pod and lock it down pointing at the Back Focus pattern. You will want to place this pattern 3 meters away from your lens. Now set your camera to Auto Focus by popping the focus ring forward and selecting auto focus on the selector switch. Also, make sure your zoom servo is set to servo and not manual.

To really help the camera achieve a proper back focus adjustment you should set your format to 1080/60i HQ. Even if you do not shoot in this mode this is just for setting the back focus. Now navigate to the lens menu in the camera and select Auto FB adjust. Just select execute and stand back and watch it work. If it fails you will need to maybe light your scene better and give it another try.

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