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John: September 2011 Archives

One of the interesting features within Avid Media Composer is the ability to use the Animatte effect to create a paint brush wash effect. This entry also contains a video tutorial using Media Composer's Animatte feature for a paint brush effect. This effect is done by using two video layers and then drawing with a large paint brush to reveal one layer underneath the other.  Here are the step by step instructions:
The Skimmer in Final Cut Pro X sometimes can be a bit distracting.  Skimming is a term for scrubbing through the timeline without having to move the playhead indicator.  If you choose, The skimming feature can be turned off.  The simple keyboard shortcut (S) will toggle the video portion of skimming on and off. 

You can also disable the audio skimming with video skimming still enabled. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + S to disable audio skimming.   

You can also turn these on & off with the 2 Skimming buttons found in the upper right hand corner of the Timeline.  

skimming_buttons.pngNote that if you turn off the skimming feature in the timeline, you will also be turning it off in the viewer. The same applies with turning off the audio skimmer.  It is also important to note that even with skimming turned off, certain tools such as the Blade, Range, and Trim tools will still allow you to skim inside the Precision Editor.  Skimming with these tools cannot be turned off when these tools are in use.

Having a hard time learning Final Cut Pro X on your own?  GeniusDV has an awesome 4 day Final Cut Pro X training class.  Class sizes are small so that you get a lot of one-on-one time with your instructor.  Why not check out our schedule and call to book your class today!  Can't come to Orlando?  No problem!  Our instructors will come to you; call us to find out more about our Onsite Training program.

For all of you Final Cut Pro X buffs, Apple has just released a Final Cut Pro X update (FCP 10.0.1) that includes rich XML support and the compatibility for multi-user workflows over a network.

For those who are new to the software, you can now download a 30 day trial of Final Cut Pro X!
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GeniusDV now offers Final Cut Pro X training packages to Orlando, FL!  Or check out our Final Cut Pro X on-site training options

Also announced is multi-cam editing coming in 2012!

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Check out this short tutorial on how to create customized Final Cut Pro X filters using Apple Motion's 5.0 software.
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