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John: April 2008 Archives

If you are an Avid Xpress user and you plan on upgrading to Media Composer you'll find a new feature called TimeWarp.  The TimeWarp feature in Avid Xpress was limited in terms of its functionality.


The TimeWarp feature allows you to play video as variable speeds within the same clip.  Here is a short tutorial on how to use it.

For those of you who have not yet upgraded to Media Composer, you can create something similar by using the traditional motion effect within Avid Xpress to create a speed ramp.

Have you ever wondered how much space is required for DV, HDV or HD media?  This can be a tricky question, because DV and HD is based on a fixed compression scheme and HDV is based on variable MPEG compression.

Keep in mind that HDV offers approximately 3 times better quality that DV.

DV uses 3.5 MB/sec

HDV uses 3.3 MB/sec

DVCPro HD (1080i 60) uses 13.9 MB/sec

So how is it possible that HDV uses less space than DV?  Well, this isn't always true, because it depends on the footage you are compressing.  HDV uses MPEG compression which is a variable compression format.  In general HDV takes up a smaller footprint than DV.  I find this to be quite amazing.  There are some drawbacks in that HDV requires a lot more processor power and longer render times than standard DV. 

file_size_for_hd.gifRemember, this file size of HDV depends on the complexity of the footage. 




If you plan on working with full HD, notice the file size is roughly 4 times the size of DV or HDV.  That's a lot of bandwidth.  If you plan on working in full HD, make sure you have a high-speed drive array with a lot of storage.

There are certain things about Avid Xpress or Media Composer that may drive you nuts.  One of those things is Media Composer does not allow you to add filler at an end of a sequence.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell Media Composer to always display 30 seconds of filler, even if you are zoomed all the way out?  This would give you an idea of how much additional content you need to fill.

Well, here is a fantastic trick on how to configure your timeline when you are doing spot work so you are always dealing with a fixed timeline. 


Did you know it's possible to add clip comments directly to clips within the Avid Timeline?  This is important for a few reasons.

comments_within_avid_clip.gif#1 The comments will stay embedded within the clip, so if you move the clip, the comments will stay with it.

#2 If you edit a title directly from the timeline, the clip name doesn't change.  You can add a clip comment to reflect the real-name of the title template, instead of having to deal with a generic name.



To add comments to clips within Avid Xpress or Avid Media Composer follow these steps:


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