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John: February 2008 Archives

Here is a great product from TubeTape.com that manufacturers a portable green screen. A green screen is a necessary element of video production for changing out a background.  Another huge plus is the portability.  You can set up your portable green screen outside which will provide excellent lighting conditions for a good chroma key.portable_green_screen.jpg










Most professional non-linear editing systems such as Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro support chroma keying.


Here is a great trick that uses the Avid Console to rename your media files so they appear as real names instead of cryptic hexadecimal values.  Go to the tools > console menu and type the command 'renamemediafiles'.


New clips will be created based on their bin names and tracks.








For all of you 'hackers' out there who wish to experiment with other Avid console commands, you can type 'help commands'  in the console window to list all the available commands.  Of course, this comes with a big giant warning if you decide to change anything.


livetype_animation.gifApple's LiveType is an amazing title tool that is bundled with Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express.  A lot of users are missing out on LiveType's amazing functionality.  Now granted, you can use Apple Motion for similar effects, but sometimes it's actually easier to build your composite directly in LiveType. This sample animation was done entirely in LiveType.

LiveType is so easy to use and powerful, that I've seen Avid editors use LiveType to increased functionality within their Media Composer or Avid Xpress software.


LiveType supports 5 different tracks.  This track types include: Titles, Graphics, Objects, Textures and Video. You can even integrate Digital Juice backgrounds directly into LiveType for access to additional textures or ojbects.  You can also purchase additional LiveFonts, objects or backgrounds from LiveTypeCentral.com. Or, you can hire GeniusDV to show you how to create your own effects.





Each track is assigned it's own color within the Timeline window for easy reference.

Interested in Learning more about LiveType?  Check out these short tutorials:

LiveType Tutorial for Creating an Animated Mask

Creating an Animated Glow through a title with LiveType

LiveType training is included as part of GeniusDV's 5 Day Final Cut Studio course.  You can also hire a personal GeniusDV for a customized LiveType course.


Apple announced today that it is pulling out of the 2008 NAB show.  This comes on the heels of Apple's main competitor Avid Technology, who also has dropped out of the NAB show. This is a big hit to the NAB which is the nations largest industry trade show related to video production.  For years Apple and Avid Technology have been a tremendous force in terms of video production workflow.  It will be interesting if you plan on attending NAB this year without Apple or Avid attending.


Final Cut Pro allows users to work with multiple projects open at the same time.  This can be a potential media management nightmare if you don't understand how the logging bin works. The logging bin tells Final Cut Pro where to put your media.  Even though Final Cut Pro allows mutliple project tabs to be open, only one logging bin can be set.


set_logging_bin.gifPontentially, if you are on the wrong project tab, Final Cut Pro will put your media into the wrong project folder. It is critical that you change your logging bin to the correct project tab before capturing media.

To set the loggin bin, (right click) within the name column of the Browser Window, and select 'set logging bin'.



This will ensure that your media goes into the correct folder that will match your project tab.


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