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Jeff: September 2010 Archives

The two most common fixes for issues with Final Cut Pro, are to throw away the plist file, or to throw away files from the Final Cut Pro User Data folder.  Both the plist file, and the Final Cut User Data folder are located at User>Library>Preferences. The files within the Final Cut Pro User Data folder that you need to delete, are the Prefs and Cache. If you have used the Final Cut Assistant to back up user settings, you could just throw away the entire Final Cut Pro User Data folder.  Now launch Final Cut Pro, and see if it is running properly.

If this does not fix the issues you are experiencing, you may also want to Repair your Disc Permissions. To do this you will need to go to the Disk Utility located at Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. Once the Disk Utility is open, you will need to select the drive that Final Cut Pro is installed on, and then choose Repair Disk Permissions. This is a maintenance procedure that should be performed periodically. 

In many cases one of these two procedures will resolve any issue that you may experiencing.

When Installing Final Cut Studio there are a couple ways to save hard drive space, when doing the installation of the software. The most space can be saved by not installing the Audio Content. The next greatest savings of space is the Motion Content, and last of all, space can saved by not installing DVD Theme Elements. Final Cut Pro only takes 630mb of space when installed, and all of the Final Cut Studio applications together take up less than 2gb of space. 
To choose to not install certain space intensive options, all you need to do is uncheck the box next to the option. You will see the Space Required total adjust itself, as you uncheck these boxes. If you need the content, but don't have space on your internal hard drive, you can install the content in a separate location. For example, you may choose to install the content on an external hard drive to save space. By clicking on the destination folder, you can reassign the install location. This is also a solution for improving efficiency. Final Cut will read files quicker from a high speed external drive, and If you are on a shared sever based system, it would only make sense to have the content installed once on the sever, rather than on every local machine.

Knowing durations in Final Cut Pro is a common necessity.  From clips, to graphics, to transitions, we often need to know how long something is.  By highlighting something in the timeline and using the keyboard combination of CTRL+D, you will display the duration of the highlighted item.  To close the duration viewer, just hit return, whether you changed the duration or not.

duration.pngOther ways to go about getting a duration, are to right-click and choose duration, perform a match frame to display the duration in the Viewer, or mark the item, and display the duration in the Canvas.  In most cases it will be most effective to use the keyboard combination.

In Final Cut Pro it is very likely that you will need to perform a split edit from time to time. Also referred to as J & L cuts due to the shape the edit takes in the timeline. A perfect example of a split cut is when you start to hear the audio of an incoming clip before while the video of the outgoing clip is finishing.

There are many ways to perform a split edit. To be able to trim the audio or video without trimming the other, you will have to disable linking. Remember that the option key can be a big help when you need to disable linking.

In Final Cut Pro it is frequent that we will use the function of pasting attributes to copy the values of attributes from one clip to another.  When there are multiple attribute values on one clip, it means the clip has been keyframed. When you paste attributes from a keyframed clip onto a clip of a different length, you must choose whether or not to scale attribute times.

For example let's say you have applied two keyframes on a 3 second clip that caused the clip to scale up from 0 scale to 20 scale over the first 15 frames of the 3 second clip. After copying the clip you want to paste the Basic Motion attributes onto a 6 second clip. By checking the Scale Attribute Times box, the duration between the 0 scale and 100 scale will be 30 frames. However if you leave the box unchecked the duration between 0 scale and 100 scale will remain 15 frames. 

When pasting attributes from clips that have no keyframes, it makes no difference whether or not you check the box.

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