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Jeff: May 2010 Archives


Using the video shot on Flip video cameras in Final Cut Pro is a very simple workflow. Flip cameras offer flexibility rivaled only by lipstick camera. I recently purchased a Flip Video camera to be able to have an underwater shot in a production. For less than $200 I was able to purchase an HD Flip Video camera with an underwater housing, and a mini tripod. Personally I am very impressed with what the camera can do, as well as how convenient it is to have with me at all times.

Thumbnail image for revert.pngOf all the Final Cut Pro functions Revert is one of the most misunderstood. The Revert function will take your Final Cut Pro project to the configuration it was at the last time it was saved. Too often Final Cut Pro users confuse the Revert function for the Restore function. When Final Cut Pro unexpectedly closes from power outage or unknown factor, and then is reopened, the Revert function is not available, because the project opens in the last saved configuration. This is the time to use the Restore function.

Saving Final Cut Pro frequently is something that everyone who has every lost any work knows they could have done more frequently. Command S should be a reflex action, and after every set of edits we should be letting that reflex happen. The time that you don't want to save is when you have an "idea" that you want to try. If you save before trying your idea, you will be able to Revert if it doesn't work out. That is a great way to use the Revert function.

Being efficient in Final Cut Pro is all about keyboard shortcuts. This is secondary, or in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts for the Mac OS. Two of the top keyboard shortcuts to being efficient with the Mac OS are bringing up the Spotlight with Command+Spacebar, and using Command+Tab to bring up the Application Switcher.



By default when saving templates in Motion to be used as Master Templates in Final Cut Pro, they are saved to the current User. To make Master Templates available to all users on an individual Mac, you need to move them to the base level of the machine.


 You will need to relaunch Final Cut if you make this move while Final Cut is open, otherwise you won’t notice the difference. Aside from the benefit of being able to access the Master Templates from any user, there is also an advantage of being able to share Final Cut Pro project files between machines that share both the Motion template, and the same hard drive name. With most people leaving the name of their internal hard drive as Macintosh HD,  Final Cut Pro project files will find the Motion Template in the same location as they were in on the Mac that created the project file.


Whether you are using Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, or many otherNLE's the Bella Corporation has a mouse that will improve your editing workflow.The HD Mouse is an incredibly versatile gadget.  I saw this mouse personally on the NAB show floor. This mouse works as a standard usb mouse, but also has a HD mode. In HD mode the mouse has up to 96 different functions. There is an on screen display of the status of certain functions. If you are looking for something to make you a more efficient editor this may be your answer.
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