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Jeff: July 2009 Archives

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Final Cut Studio 3 came out this week, and we are seeing many new an exciting features. We are already hard at work updating our Final Cut Studio training classes to incorporate the new features of the various applications.

Some of the most notable changes in the Final Cut Studio come in the export options of Final Cut Pro 7, that utilizes the power of Compessor 3.5. Final Cut 7 also introduces an exciting new Apple Pro Res 4444 codec, and improved slow motion. Compressor 3.5 has a number of new features including the ability output directly to Blu-ray, YouTube, or Mobile Me.

One sad note is that LiveType is not shipping with the Final Cut Studio any more. LiveType was always a great complimentary application to Final Cut Pro. The expectation is that users will go to Motion for all of the features that they would have used LiveType for. However LiveType had a much simpler learning curve, and it in fact was a great application to learn as you progressed into Motion. The Timing ability of LiveType is unmatched in any application of the current Final Cut Studio, and will certainly be missed. Luckily for those of us who are upgrading to Final Cut Studio 3 from Final Cut Studio 2, will still have LiveType.

The list price of Final Cut Studio 3 is $999, and the upgrade is $299. sign up to recieve GeniusDV posts about the new features of Final Cut Studio 3.

The Mac OS Color Palette is dynamic, and holds preferences across applications. The presets are not always visible, and it is very possible that you don't realize it is there. At the bottom of the Color Palette there is a small dot that can be drug down to expose the Preference Grid. To populate the grid you need only drag from the Color Window to the Preference Grid. These preferences will be available in most Mac applications, including the Final Cut Studio, & iLife. This is very useful when you are attempting to maintain a project color theme across multiple applications.


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