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If you are producing both a Standard Definition, and a High Definition project in DVD Studio Pro here is a very important piece of information to keep in mind. When setting the DVD Standard, set it to SD DVD first, author out the entire project, even build it. BUT, before you change the Video Standard to HD DVD, save the project with the HD suffix atatched, then change the Video Standard for that project to HD DVD. If you change a project from SD to HD, you cannot change it back. If you need to build another SD DVD, you won't be able to reset the DVD standard. You can upgrade from SD to HD, but not the other way.

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To become efficient with Final Cut Pro there is one thing you need to do.  Use keyboard shortcuts. One study showed that using keyboard shortcuts saves you up to eight hours a week. Here are two great ways to condition yourself to use keyboard shortcuts. The first is to use an Editor's Keyboard. These keyboards have the default unmodified commands printed directly on the keys they're assigned to, which encourages you to reach for the keyboard vs clicking on menus to activate a function.

The second and most important way to learn keyboard shortcuts is more psychological than anything. When you get to the point in a menu where you are about to click on a function, STOP, read the keyboard shortcut, click off the menu, and use the keyboard shortcut. By actually performing the keyboard shortcut, you will remember it easier than by just reading the keyboard shortcut next to the menu function, and thinking "I will use it next time". This is a very effective way to condition yourself to use keyboard shortcuts.


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Adding unique glyphs to your project is quite simple with the Character Palette, but you need to have it set up, to use it easiest. If you do not have an American (or possible other) flag in the menu bar of your Mac, you will need to check a box in the International settings within System Preferences. Under International category of the System Preferences there is a tab named Imput Menu, and within that tab there is a check box next to Character Palette. By checking this box, the flag will appear in the menu bar.


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