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Jeff: July 2008 Archives

When the Button List is active if you press a key on the keyboard Final Cut pro will automatically assign the function highlighted in the Button List to that key. To bring up the Button List use option + J, or access it from the Tools Menu. If a function is already assigned to the chosen key, Final Cut will tell you what function is already assigned to the key and ask if you would like to re-assign it. This is a quicker workflow than Customizing the Keyboard, but you need to know what is available.


Having your DVD start with a short Intro Movie is a very professional look. The transition from the Intro movie to the Main Menu; unfortunately can be a little clunky. To avoid the transition all together, we can produce a movie that becomes our main menu background, and then loop the menu display to the point of the background movie that is the Main Menu.
DVD Studio Pro has a function called a Story which will allow you to play just a portion of a track without continuing thru to the end.  When you have videos that you want to be able to play all one after the other or individually this is a great work flow. A demo reel for example would be a perfect example of this.

First place all the videos in one track, and place a chapter marker at the beggining of each video.

Thumbnail image for track_with_five_videos.gif

Using sequence markers can be an excellent way to help keep yourself organized. Because they appear in the Canvas, they can be very useful in keeping yourself reminded what needs to be done. As you travel across a sequence marker by marker ( shift M, & option M ) you can get all your messages to yourself, and deal with them accordingly.                
Avoid constantly loading clips into the Viewer. When moving from clip to clip in a sequence, you can avoid having to load every clip into the Viewer. Just set the Playhead Sync to Open, this will cause the Viewer to display whereever the playhead is in the sequence. This can be very helpful when adjusting color correction on a clip by clip basis. When working from the filter or Motion tab, having the Playhead Sync set to open is crucial, because in those tabs it can be hard to tell if you are working on the correct clip
Lets say at the last minute you would rather have chapter 2 play after chapter 3. You can rearrange the order that the  chapters play back by using a story in DVD Studio Pro. By placing the audio and video files in a Track, you can create a Story from that Track. Within the story you choose which chapters will play, and in what order.
If you have a 4 chapter movie and you simply want to rearrange the order that they playback, you would move all chapters to the right hand side of the Story Editor, and then arrange them in the order you want them to play in.


The Track will not be connected to the button. Instead you will connect the Story to a button, and the Story will reference the Track.
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