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Jeff: December 2007 Archives

Do you make a habit of monitoring your frames per second when viewing playback in Motion. In the Status Bar during playback there is a FPS value being displayed. The frames per second or FPS tells you how close to real time you are playing at. It is easy to think your timing is off if you don't notice that your FPS has dropped down below 17. Heavy compositing will cause low FPS. At this point a RAM preview will allow realtime viewing. If you don't have any audio it is easy to not notice that you are playing at less than three quarter speed, which is why it is a good habit to constantly monitor the FPS. If your FPS is not displayed during playback, there is a box you need to check in the appearance category of the Motion preferences.


By encoding with Compressor when you export from Final Cut Pro you can receive a higher quality encode than if you allow DVD Studio Pro to do the encoding. There are multiple settings in Compressor, and you can manipulate them to get the best possible encode. This is an easy way to get an HDV sequence from Final Cut to Mpeg 2.

To export through Compressor all you need to do is highlight the sequence in Final Cut Pro that you want to export, select the File menu, drag down to Export, select Using Compressor.


With storage being less than .30 a GB in many cases it makes more sense to just import entire tapes, and use the same drive to archive. If you budget $50 for a 100 GB project just for storage, and charge $150 you make $120 on not having to ever recapture that media. 12 years ago when NLE was getting going, storage was over a $1000 per GB, and it wasn't cost effective to back up to a drive. In 2008 we can give our tape mechanisms a break and just ingest the entire tape. With the DV start stop feature of Final Cut Pro, you can separate the clips into subclips, and have all your clips with plenty of handles. Capturing the whole tape also gives you B roll that you don't expect to use, but as a project comes to a close you find the clip you wouldn't have batch captured, but it is the perfect clip to fill your need.


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