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The Final Cut Pro X Synchronize clips function is a great tool for getting your clips aligned before you ever go into the timeline. When working with a Canon 5D with a Zoom H4N audio recorder, the Synchronize Clips function will get the externally recorded audio in sync with the video in two clicks of the mouse. This function is also very useful when working in a multicam situation.

For example to sync a two camera shoot together; 

Select the clips to sync together.


When updates come out for Final Cut Pro X (Motion 5, & Compressor 4), they need to be accessed from the App store located off the Apple menu of your Mac. You will need to enter the password of the account you used to purchase. However sometimes Final Cut Pro X does not appear in the Updates. One work around is to delete Final Cut Pro X from the Applications folder, & then click on Purchased items, and re install Final Cut Pro X. This will reinstall the app with the update.


With the uproar from the professional community. Final Cut Pro X is getting a bad wrap right out of the gate. At GeniusDV we think the new software is incredible, and are looking forward to helping users get up to speed on how to use it most efficiently. Many of the biggest issues are addressed in an article from  New York Times technology columnist, David Pouge. Multiclip editing in Final Cut Pro X, sharing FCPX projects, & Final Cut X media management are all covered.

Congratulations to Apple for creating an application that will bring professional level editing to the masses. When you think of Apple you typically think of iSomething, or of computers that are easy to use. The new version of Final Cut Pro is certainly easy to use, and it's an incredible bargain for what you are getting. 

I should have kept track of how many times I said "you've got to be kidding" as I got to know Final Cut Pro X. Most of the time it was for really cool new features, but there were a few that were directed towards certain shortcomings.

The color correction in FCPX is unbelievable, the overall speed that things happen is amazing, and ingesting media is easier than ever. H.264 goes right into your project with no issues, you can plug your iPhone into your Mac, and FCPX will recognize it. The fact that iPhone footage is always over saturated, is probably why the color correction is so awesome.

The iBuyer is the market Apple is going after, and I can totally respect that. I would rather sell one million copies of a $300 application, than one hundred thousand copies of a $1000 application too. 

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FCPX.gifGeniusDV is prepared to train users of Final Cut Pro X as soon as it's available.  The trainers are learning the new software, and we will make Final Cut Pro X training part of the GeniusDV curriculum.

Since many users will still be using the other Final Cut Studio Applications, our class will be flexible. 

There will still be integrated workflows for a while between the current Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Pro X.

Keep an eye on our amazing 4 day Final Cut Pro training class in Orlando, FL.   As soon as Final Cut X is ready, it will be integrated into our course.

There are many questions about the future of other Final Cut Studio applications like DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, & Color. We are assuming that Final Cut Pro X is going to have many of the capabilities of Soundtrack Pro, Motion and Color, but we don't know to what extent.

That being said, it appears the other Final Cut Studio applications will be available à la carte.  There are some leaked screenshots of Apple Motion 5.0  Rumor has it, they were stolen from an independent contractor who had his computer hacked.

We will be prepared to train existing Mac editing users of Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and iMovie as they make the transition to Final Cut Pro X.  We will also be ready to train those who are willing to jump ship from their current editing platform.
We will be making posts about Final Cut Pro X the day it comes out, and we will have multiple training options available ASAP.

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