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After Effects: October 2009 Archives

In a world of real-time editing and effects software, it's easier every day for new artists to do a great deal of work without really needing to render out their work in order to sufficiently preview it. Especially for After Effects artists who are coming from Premiere or Final Cut Pro, the idea behind the RAM Preview might not make complete sense. 

In today's article, two parts – the Backgrounder is for new AE artists, and the Tips section should be useful to everyone.

rampreview-1.pngYou've no doubt noticed the little green "tape" above your timeline (pardon, "Time Bar") in After Effects.  In fact, if you're coming from other motion graphics or editing software, it's probably familiar: in most circumstances, it refers to portions of your project that are rendered.

The same is true in After Effects.  But in After Effects, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of the little green bar.  While editing software generally streams video straight from the disk to the screen, motion graphics software always represents your project as more of a "recipe card": the computer must manipulate the original video into an intermediate format.  This requires a substantial amount of extra processing power – quite often, it requires so much extra time that the computer can't maintain a real-time framerate during preview playback.  That's where RAM Previews come in.
sketchup_icon.gifOne of our newest 2 day training classes, Google Sketchup, will be offered  at our Orlando training facility November 5th & 6th, 2009.  We are offering a special price for the November class!

Google's Sketchup is an amazing 3D modeling program that has users from all walks of life from professionals to first timers.  Whether you're an architect, civil engineer, or filmmaker, you will be astounded at what Sketchup can do for you.  And the best part?  It's one of the easiest programs out there to learn and use.  With Sketchup, you can build everything from basic 3D models to entire scenes with a virtual walk-through, and it allows you to add your 3D elements into your video projects.

sketchup_images.gifOther features of Sketchup is the ability to facilitate the placement of models in Google Earth, which is a great tool for video producers when trying to figure out where your shadows lie at a specific time of day during a video shoot.  Another great feature is the ability to use the 3D Warehouse, which lets users search for models that are created by other users and lets users contribute their own models to the warehouse.

There's no limit to what you can create with Google's Sketchup.  There is a limit however to our class size, so call today to reserve your spot!

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