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The latest version of Photoshop CC has a great new feature called Liquify.  You can use this feature on full motion video! 

Liquify.pngWith an Adobe CC license, you can easily incorporate your Photoshop video into an Adobe Premiere sequence.

Check out this short tutorial from Multiple Emmy Award Winner 'Juan Carlos' on how the new Liquify feature works. If you're interested in learning the latest Adobe CC Design and Video Apps from Juan, contact us!


Learn how to create a Moving Filmstrip effect using Adobe Premiere.

Whether you are a Final Cut Pro user, Avid Media Composer user, or Premiere user, we'd like to introduce you to Adobe On Location.  In our opinion, this is an incredible application that is sometimes overlooked in the professional video industry.

It ships with the Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium. Trust us on this one, this software is really a nice addition to any video production professional.

Do you own a HDV camera which records to MiniDV cassette tapes, and have wondered what to do about it? I have given my Canon XHA1S the evil eye for some time now, but have not decided to upgrade to another model. The technological advances come so fast that it is difficult to make a reasonable choice, and waiting a few months may be priceless.

Camera rig.jpg

Adobe On Location may be the tool that helps you improve your footage until you are certain of what to do after HDV.

sketchup_icon.gifOne of our newest 2 day training classes, Google Sketchup, will be offered  at our Orlando training facility November 5th & 6th, 2009.  We are offering a special price for the November class!

Google's Sketchup is an amazing 3D modeling program that has users from all walks of life from professionals to first timers.  Whether you're an architect, civil engineer, or filmmaker, you will be astounded at what Sketchup can do for you.  And the best part?  It's one of the easiest programs out there to learn and use.  With Sketchup, you can build everything from basic 3D models to entire scenes with a virtual walk-through, and it allows you to add your 3D elements into your video projects.

sketchup_images.gifOther features of Sketchup is the ability to facilitate the placement of models in Google Earth, which is a great tool for video producers when trying to figure out where your shadows lie at a specific time of day during a video shoot.  Another great feature is the ability to use the 3D Warehouse, which lets users search for models that are created by other users and lets users contribute their own models to the warehouse.

There's no limit to what you can create with Google's Sketchup.  There is a limit however to our class size, so call today to reserve your spot!

supercharging-compressor.pngYou can find more compression settings articles in our Supercharging Compressor series index.

Note: There's something about me and GOP articles ... just as I did on the first part of this article, I seem to have accidentally published a blank draft a few hours ago.  This is the finished version.  My apologies.

Compressor, like most reasonably advanced MPEG2 compression tools, offers you some control over the size and structure of your GOPs.  You'll recall from the first part of this article that 15-frame (1/2-second) GOPs are the norm for MPEG-2 video, and this is appropriate for a wide range of video types.  Similarly, Compressor defaults to using a lot of "B"-frames -- those are the frames that take the least information to represent, but that depend most heavily on neighboring frames of video.

Read on for situations when you might want to change this around ...

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