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Draw Mask Feature in Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to use the new 'Draw Mask' feature within Final Cut Pro X.  Key fundamentals in this lesson include:

  • Drawing a Mask
  • Utlizing the Clip Segment Visibility Feature
  • Mask Feather Falloff Controls
  • Adding Sound Effects from the Music and Sound Library

*Please note, this effect requires that you are running Final Cut Pro 10.2.2 or higher.

play_tutorial.pngA couple of things worth noting that will be included in a future Final Cut Pro X tutorial.

  • An additional mask was used to darken the water as the storm clouds move in.
  • I use media from VideoBlocks.com to build tutorials.  The Clouds and Lightning are two different clips combined together using a blend mode

Click the link to view a full text and screenshot version of this Final Cut Pro X tutorial for Drawing a Mask.

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In Final Cut Pro X, there's a draw mask feature use you can for all sorts of composites.

Create a new project and edit single clip segment onto the timeline.

In this example, it's a clip segment of Waikiki beach.  

Drag a clip of some storm clouds above the segment of the beach.

Cloud Segment Above Beach.png

Navigate to the upper right corner of the timeline toolbar area, and click on the effects browser button.

At the bottom of the effects browser, conduct a search for the draw mask effect.

Double click on the Draw Mask Effect.

Effects Browser Draw Mask Effect.png

Depending on setup and resolution of your monitor, you may need to adjust the screen size area of the viewer window to see outside the visible screen when drawing your mask.

Change View Area in Viewer.png

With the clip segment still active, press the V key to temporarily disable the cloud segment so you can see the beach underneath.

Hide Clip Segment.png

Navigate to the Viewer window and trace around the sky preserving Diamond Head Mountain.

Make sure you connect back to the first control point to complete the mask.

Draw Mask.png

Now press the V key again to reveal the storm cloud segment.

Reveal Segment.png

Use the keyboard shortcut Command 4 to bring forward the inspector window.

Adjust the feather and falloff to hide the hard areas of the mask.

Adjust Feather and Falloff.png

For added fun, navigate to the Music and Sound Browser and search for some lightning.

Search for Sound Effects.png

Drag one of the lightning sound effects to the timeline area under the beach with storm clouds

Go back to the Music and Sound Browser and perform a search for ocean sounds.

Drag the ocean sound effect to the timeline area.

Add Ocean Sound Effect.png

Okay, that's it.  Check it out!

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