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Color Cast Removal in Avid Media Composer

It's easy to fix a color cast problem within Avid Media Composer.

colorcast_removal.gifIn this example, I have a camera angle that has a green color cast. 

You can play the full YouTube video tutorial below, or print out the steps for this tutorial below.

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To fix this, isolate the area using the add-edit function at the top of the timeline toolbar.

Add Edit.pngThen move the position indicator to the front of the isolated clip segment by dragging the indicator while holding down the command key.

Park at Head of Segment.pngRight click in the grey area of the timeline window and create a new video track from the contextual menu.

Create New Video Track.pngMake sure the red segment smart tool is activated, and then select the middle clip segment.

Red Segment Arrow.pngUse the keyboard shortcut command C to copy the segment.

Copy V1 Segment.pngHold down the command key and drag the segment up to the video 2 track.

Move Segment Up a Layer.pngThen press command V to paste the segment back into its original position.

Paste Segment.pngMove the position indicator back over to the middle clip segment.

Navigate to the project window, and click on the purple effects tab.

Within the image category, find the Color Effect.

Project Window_Color Effect.pngDrag the color effect onto the middle clip segment that's on V1.

Make sure this video monitor icon is located within the V1 track.

Add Color Effect.pngNavigate to the upper left corner of the timeline toolbar and click on the effect mode button.

Effect Mode Button.pngWithin the effect editor window, adjust the hue and saturation controls until the ballet dresses match the other camera angle.

Adjust Hue_Sat Controls.pngIn doing so, you will affect the colors of the entire image.  

Don't worry, just focus on matching the color of the dresses.

Match Color of Dresses.pngMove the video monitor icon to the V2 track.

Video Monitor V2.pngThis will show as the original video segment on top of the color corrected image.

Navigate back to the project window and click on the key category.

Spectra Matte Effect.pngFind the Spectra Matte effect and drag it onto middle segment on V2.

Within the effect editor window click on the key color box.

Key Color Picker.pngChoose the original green color to reveal the blue color underneath.

Pick Green Color.pngOkay, that's much better.  

Color Cast Fix.png

Check it out.

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