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Edit to Music Beat - Adobe Premiere

Learn how to create a video montage edited to the beat of music when using Adobe Premiere.

*The Replace With Clip From Source Monitor, Match Frame is an esoteric feature in Adobe Premiere CC 2014, but it will save you huge amounts of time in situations like matching beats.  If you're not familiar with this function, this short tutorial will be extremely helpful in improving your editing efficiency.

The key skills that you will learn in this tutorial are:

  • Adding edit points on the fly while playing a sequence
  • Using the replace edit function to match a specific frame
  • Adding multiple transitions all at the same time


It's super easy to create a video montage to the beat of music using Adobe Premiere CC 2014.

To start, edit some music to the timeline that has a good beat to it.

Thumbnail image for add music.pngThen navigate to the file menu and choose new Transparent Video.

Thumbnail image for create transparent video.png
When you press the okay button this will place a transparent clip within an active bin window.

transparent video bin.png
Edit the transparent clip above your music within the timeline and trim it to match the length of your music segment.

trim transparent video.pngPress the space bar to begin playing

Use the keyboard shortcut Command K (ctrl k on a pc) to add edit points to the video track as the sequence plays.

add edit points.pngNext, park over one of the clip segments you created.

Load a clip into the source window and park the playhead indicator at a point in time to sync with the playhead bar within the sequence.

Navigate back to your sequence, and right click on the clip segment and choose replace with clip 'from source monitor, match frame'.

replace with match frame.png
So what happened here is that Adobe Premiere matched the source frame with the location of the playhead bar in the sequence.

replace clip in sequence.pngIt also filled in the rest of the media in both directions based on the location of theplayhead bar.

replaces content.pngNow repeat these steps for all the other clip segments.

Okay, check it out!

As an alternate step you may decide to add transitions between all your clip segments.

To do that, select all the clip segments, and then press Command D to add a default transition.

add mulitiple transitions.pngNow you have the basics of creating a quick video montage using Adobe Premiere.

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