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Adobe Premiere Freeze Frame

Learn how to create a freeze frame effect within Adobe Premiere CC 2014.  It is now incredibly easy to add a hold frame directly within an Adobe Premiere sequence.

To demonstrate this technique, I've created a short tutorial on how to create freeze frame flash effect within Adobe Premiere CC (2014).  Please share this video or post comments if you find it useful.

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To make this effect happen, drag a single clip to the timeline.

Move the playhead indicator within the sequence to the frame you want to freeze.

Right click on the clip segment within your sequence and choose Insert Hold Segment.

insert_hold_frame.pngIn doing so, Adobe Premiere will insert a 2 second freeze frame based on the position of the playhead indicator.

To adjust the length of the freeze frame, activate the ripple edit tool by pressing the 'B' key on your keyboard.

You should see a yellow ripple edit indicator as the cursor approaches the edge of the clip segment.

adjust freeze frame.pngDrag the right edge of freeze frame clip segment to decrease or increase the duration of the freeze frame.

Next, make sure you go back to the select tool by pressing the 'V' key.

Navigate over to the effects tab and twirl down the disclosure triangle for video transitions.

Open up the Dissolve Category.

Find the Dip to White effect and drag it onto the edit point between the outgoing clip segment and the incoming freeze frame segment.

adjust transition duration.pngAdjust the duration of the dip to white effect by using the select tool.

As an additional step, I'll add the camera flash sound effect onto the audio 2 track.

Fantastic!  Now you have the basics of creating a freeze frame within Adobe Premiere CC.

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