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Removing Noise in Adobe Premiere

Learn how to remove noise from a sequence / clip using a combination of Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition.

The technology within Adobe Audition to isolate noise is simply amazing! We hope you enjoy this short tutorial.


Adobe Premiere CC makes it easy to remove noise in combination with Audition.

Before watching this tutorial, make sure you have Adobe Audition installed from the Creative Cloud application manager.

Okay, to demonstrate I've got a clip in a sequence that contains a lot of background noise.

Check it out.

If you park over a sequence track and roll the wheel on your mouse, you can expand the track area to show a waveform.

In this example, you can see the noise embedded within the clip, which is really noticeable between pauses in his voice.

Next, right click on the clip, and choose Edit Clip in Adobe Audition.

The audio portion of the clip will then open inside Audition.

Highlight a distinct area of noise within the audio that you want to remove.

Then, navigate to the Effects menu and choose Noise Reduction / Restoration - Capture Noise Print.

Then use command A to select the entire area of the clip.

Now, navigate to back to the effects menu and choose Noise Reduction (process).

A dialogue box will appear with threshold controls.

I have discovered that Adobe Audition does an excellent job of removing most of the unwanted noise without having to adjust these controls by much.

Within the dialogue box you will see a blue noise reduction line.  

It will default to the average threshold of noise without affecting the rest of the audio.

If the noise level isn't consistent you can click on the blue line to add keyframes.

Then you can adjust the graph to match the noise floor with more accuracy.

When your finished, press the apply button to make the changes.

Now, by looking at the waveform you can see that the noise has been reduced.

To update the sequence within Adobe Premiere, navigate to the Audition menu and choose Quit Audition.

Then press the yes button to save.

The clip will then update in the sequence to reflect the changes that you've made within Adobe Audition.

Okay, fantastic!

Now you have the basics of removing noise using Adobe Audition within Adobe Premiere.

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