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Avid Media Composer Splice in Function

This lesson focuses on how to use the splice in function within Avid Media Composer. 

play_avid_tutorial.pngThis lesson also demonstrates how to view the audio waveform for a clip that is in the source window.


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The splice-in function within Avid Media Composer makes it easy to insert content between two clip segments in a sequence.

To splice a clip between two clip segments, first place this position indicator at the point you would like to insert the clip.

Now, you may want to hold down the command key while dragging the position indicator so it snaps to the edit point.

Okay so now, let me find an area of the barking dog to insert between Dad and Billy's clip segments.

Now since this is a short lesson, let me add an important side note.

Since the dog is being given verbal instructions to bark, it going to be difficult to find a clean area to mark.

Navigate to the bottom left corner of the timeline window, and click on the Toggle Source / Record Button.

This will allow you to see a timeline of your content within the source window.

Notice that the position indicator is now green.

To turn on the audio waveforms, navigate to the fast menu and choose audio-data waveform.

Okay, this makes it easy to pick a clean area by looking at the audio waveform for the source clip.

This time, I'll use the keyboard shortcuts I for in, and O for out to mark the area.

You can also press the 6 key on your keyboard which will play from in to out to make sure you've marked the correct area.

Then make sure you click back onto the toggle source / record button to return to your sequence.

So, now I can press the yellow splice-in button, and it will splice this area between Dad and Billy.

Okay, fantastic.... Let's check it out.

Okay, now you have the basics of the splice-in function.

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