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Adobe Premiere Pleasantville Effect

Learn how to create the Pleasantville Effect using Adobe Premiere.

premiere_training.pngThe 'Pleasantville' effect is a commonly used effect to call attention to a part of the video frame.  You will see this effect used quite a bit in sport highligtht reels, commercials, and wedding videos.

To start, navigate to the effects tab within the project window area, and find the change color effect.  Drag the change color effect to your clip segment within the timeline.

apply change color effect.pngNext, navigate to the effect controls tab.  The effect controls tab should be located in the upper left course of the source window area.

select color to change.pngWithin the Effect Controls window,  click on the color to change area.  Use the eye-dropper to pick a color from the program window that you would like to isolate.

pick color.pngNavigate back to the Effects Controls window, and change the Match Colors pull down menu to 'Using Chroma'. Then adjust the matching tolerance until you have isolated the color.

final result.pngThat's it!, go ahead and play your sequence.

It's real easy to create the Pleasantville effect within Adobe Premiere.

To start, click on a clip segment within a sequence to select it.

Then navigate over to the project panel and click on the effects tab.

Twirl down the disclosure triangle for the video effects category.

Then look for the color correction category.

Find the change color effect and double click on it.

This will apply the effect to your clip within your sequence.

Now navigate to the top of the source window and click on the effect controls tab.

Within the Change Color effect, twirl down the disclosure triangle for the saturation transform parameter.

Slide the saturation transform value all way to the left.

Next, click on this eye dropper for the color to change.

Move over to the program monitor, and click on the color you would like to isolate.

Then move back to the effect controls, and change the Match Colors parameter to using chroma.

Then click on the invert color correction mask option.

Okay, that pretty good, but it needs some tweaking.  

In general, you can make things look better by adjusting the matching tolerance and/or matching softness.

Okay, fantastic.  Check it out!

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